How You Can Cancel AT&T U Verse TV But Keep Internet

AT &T wireless communication offers lots of promotion packages for its customers. The AT&T U Verse TV is one of them the packages that come with internet access include monthly charges. However, there are lots of reasons to cancel the package.

But the question is, can we only cancel the TV subscription and keep internet access is this possible, Yeah its possible to cancel the AT&T U Verse service and keep the internet service only.

For example, if a new customer promotion from Aug 2018 of U TV with internet up to 50M for $100 per month plus taxes. Would owe ETF for almost $75 to cancel the TV with $30 internet service would go to $60 per month plus taxes.

Note: When you cancel the AT &T U TV service you can only use limited data. The unlimited data will be cancelled.

“if you purchase DIRECTV or U-verse TV service with your Internet service on a combined bill, you will receive an unlimited usage allowance.”

(AT&T Internet Service)

Process To Cancel AT &T U Verse TV Service 

There something you must know if you’re currently in the promotion plan you may have to pay early termination fees to cancel your U Verse TV service.

To cancel your AT &T U Verse plan you’ve to contact AT &T customer service representative. There are two ways to contact AT &T customer care.

Via Email or Call, Basically calling is the best option for cancelling the packages or service provided by AT &T.

  • AT &T Customer Service: (800-288-2020) 
  • The calling time is Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

When you contacted with customer service representative you can explain why you want to disconnect your U-verse service and how to keep internet while cancelling U Verse TV packages. The representative may be required some of the package details.

Pro and Cons of  AT&T U-Verse TV Service 

  • It’s Won’t go out in the rain as a power outage as AT&T installs a power supply unit
  • The Uverse TV connects via their internet and it’s restricted to only up to 3 channels at a time in HD.
  • The two boxes are $7 each per month. More if you go with a wireless box.
  • You can record 4 shows at once or I believe 2 HD.
  • Fast internet service compares to Comcast.
  • other relevant points