How To Cancel Ancestry Subscription Complete Guides

If you’re searching for How Do I Can Cancel My Membership Plan? Then I can help you in this there is a sailing way to terminate an ancestry account without going doing anything unusual. As we all know ancestry is a platform to know your family history or start a family tree.

However, you’ll require the ancestry membership to access the service company provide and in my own recommend its costs a lot for nothing.

How To Cancel Subscription?

I have also used this website with a membership plan to find my ancestor’s history. I try some other ancestry sites such as FamilySearch. After that, I terminate my ancestry membership and with the help of this article, I tell how you can also cancel an ancestry subscription.

Note: If you’ve purchased a subscription plan through Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. You’ll need to cancel your subscription plan via the same company you used to purchase the membership.

(Cancelling Ancestry Account Registered Via Third Party

In case, if you have purchased the subscription directly through then you can directly cancel the ancestry subscription follow the below-given step-by-step guides.

Step 1: 

Log in to your Ancestry account using your account details via your password and username.

Step 2:

Now when you successfully enter into your account, click on the name icon available on the right upper corner. Choose Your Account. (Shown in the given screenshot).

how to cancel ancestry membership

Step 3:

On the My Account Options page, Go to the right side of the page. In the Subscription Options list hit pointer on Cancel Subscription.

cancel ancestry account

Step 4:

Re-Again the password to proceed to the next step. Scroll down the page to the bottom. Now choose the cancelling account reason and hit the Continue button. On the next page again hit Continue to Cancel.

find your ancestors

Step 5:

This is the final step for cancelling the ancestry subscription. at the bottom of the next page. hit pointer on Cancel my membership.

free ancestry search no subscription


How Do I Know My Ancestry Subscription Is Terminated 

After completing the above steps you’ve done your part of the work. Now the ancestry customer care work that all left after terminating your membership. The company will send you an email within half an hour as a confirmation that your ancestry membership is terminated.

In case, if you don’t an email from ancestry customer service then. You’ve again login into your account and open Your Account page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you find “Your Subscription has been cancelled and will not renew and you’ll have continued to access until d/m/y”. This means your ancestry membership has been successfully terminated.

You’ll terminate your Ancestry Subscription. However you can still access to your Ancestry Account

By following the above guides will help you to only cancel your Ancestry subscription which means your ancestry account will not be removed or deleted. You can sailing access it any time you want.

How To Get Refund From Ancestry When I Terminate My Subscription Plan

Ancestry will refund your money whether or not depends upon Ancestry’s membership refund policy. There some closes in the policies that you must know. Before inquiring about a refund from the Ancestry customer service.

  • Free Ancestry Trial: Any member can cancel its trial plan any time during the trial duration without paying any cancellation fees. And can still access the free ancestry search with no subscription.
  • Initial Purchase of a SubscriptionIf you purchased a premium plan for more than one month. In this case, the company will refund full payment if you cancel your subscription within 30 days.
  • Auto-Renewal SubscriptionIf any member has a subscription for more than the month and the subscription plan is the auto-renewal mode. Unless if you’ve terminated your ancestry subscription plan within 7 days of the auto-renewal date you get a full refund.

Ancestry Customer Services 

In case, if you’ve any enquiries regarding the cancellation of your ancestry membership plan. You can sailing contact the customer care representative of ancestry to get complete details on how to cancel an ancestry subscription based on your plan.