How to Backup Virtual Machines in Hyper V from Host

Generally, there are two ways to backup Virtual Machines (VM) in Hyper Vision (Hyper-V ) using a host or performing the complete backup using the virtual machine. In this article, you learn how you can restore and back up a VM in Hyper-V from a host.

Microsoft recommends users back up their virtual machines from the host. If in any case backup application is compatible with Hyper-V along with Hyper-V Volume Shadow.

In this process, there are three types of backup Configuration information, Checkpoints snapshots and Virtual hard disks.

Step-by-Step Guide To Backup VM

 Step 1

Go to the Hyper-V Manager, and Select the VM you want to backup.

 Step 2

Now go to Management > Integration services. and enable  Backup (volume checkpoint)

( Optional )

Step 1

Go to the Backup Manager > Backup.

Step 2

Now tap on the Add Next button (available under “Available data sources”).

Step 3

Choose the VM you want to backup, and Apply to Save.

Step 4

Run the Backup > Preferences > Schedule.