How To Use Web Browser Without Adobe Flash On Firefox

You can easily use the web browser without Adobe Flash Player one of the most common things d which crash you web browser and you have to restart the browser to surf the web. Some of my blog readers asked me  how to surf web or videos on Mozilla Firefox browser. In this article, i will show you who you can surf the web on the browser on without Adobe Flash.

Currently, Microsoft, Opera and Google developer working on the web browser that runs without the flash player and the user can easily watch the video and play games on a web browser with screen freezing or some other problems.

Surf  Web / Watch Videos Without Flash Player

First of all, you have to download an Add-on developer by developer from the Watch Video Without Flash.

Step 1

After download, install Add on your Mozilla Firefox browser

Step 2

When the Installation process end, go the Add-On and check if add-on working or not.

Step 3

Now play video on YouTube, open Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Delete) if you see plugin container running in Processes select and tap on end task button.

Now enjoy video and web surfing without Flash Player in your web browser for more interesting articles Subscribe Us with your email address.