How To Start or Stop DNS Server on Windows Using Command Line

You can easily enable or disable DNS servers on windows through a simple command line. A lot of huge corporations want to control their user in simple words if you running any corporation and you want to control users for accessing Windows servers from a particular place. You can easily do that by following given below steps.

If you working as a System administrator in a company office then if out for vacation or from some other stuff you can depend on some trusted users to stop and start the service. You can easily allow any user to start or stop service from Windows Server.

Enable or Disable DNS Server In Windows Through CMD

Now first of all before going any further, you have to install (SUBINACL.exe) a component from the Microsoft Resource kit.

( Step 1 ) 

Install the component in your Windows Server

Note : (Select the Installation location using command prompt )

( Step 2 ) 

Navigate to the folder where you installed the tool

Default: ( c:Program FilesMicrosoft Resource KitTools) 

(Step 3 )

Run the following command before replacing default

( Step 4 )

Open Notepad paste the below given following line

sc (target machine) (command) (service)

( Step 5 )

Save the file with the (.Bat) extension and send to the user through mail

Now when the user runs the file this SC command line will restart the DNS Server on the target machine.

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Note: Be careful with the file and give this file to the trusted user because it is very important command line.