How to Add Roles to Discord

Searching for how to add roles to the discord?  Let’s discuss its steps on this page.

Roles of reaction can be in assign and even unassigned form without the permission of Manage roles. By doing the simple react to the message with the use of emoji. If the users want members to add the roles to the profiles of themselves then they can add the roles even with the single tap.

How to Add Roles to Discord

Here are the steps for the adding of roles to the discord:-

Procedure 1 : Setting the Server

Step 1

Firstly, begin with the logging into the discord.

Step 2

Then do the creation of the server or can also by becoming an administrator on the different servers. There are various permissions necessary for this. The Manage Server, Manage Channels, Manage Roles, and even many more permissions are required.

Users can get this by Getting the owner’s role on the server due to which permissions can be easily granted to them.

Step 3

Now create there the channel for the role of reaction messages to go. Users can perform this by tapping on the arrow which is pointing to the downwards side in the upward left side of the given screen. After that click on the + Create Channel option there.

Step 4

After that, do the changing of the permissions for the channel to get the allowance for the Read Messages and Add Reactions to each. It wants the permissions for the accessing of the channel and messaging along with the reacting to them.

Step 5

Do the creation of the roles whichever you want. Perform this by clicking on the given arrow which is pointing to the downwards side in the upward left side. Select the Settings option from the given menu.

Procedure 2 : By the use of Zira

Step 1

Do the sending of the message which will have the roles reaction on it. Take the proper sure that the corresponding emoji has the role as well as the name of the role.

Step 2

Now add the Zira to the server of Discord. Open the hyperlink of the Zira and then click on the Invite option. Users have to do the selection that which of the server they want to add there to the Zira and also granting the permissions to them. After that, users have to confirm by clicking on the option of Authorize and then completing the reCAPTCHA.

Step 3

Do the choosing of the channel for the proper setup of the commands. Users can easily make a channel or can even use the existing one.

Step 4

Move the role of Zira to the reaction roles. For the assigning or the unassigning of the roles, it will require the managing of these roles. Do the clicking there and then dragging the reaction roles.

Step 5

By the use of z/channel command, users can assign the Channel as well as the Channel ID. For performing this, go to the Users Settings option. Then visit the Appearance option under it and then go to the ADVANCED option.

After that open the Developer Mode and do the turning on of it. Then the use of command z/channel will do the replacing of the brackets with Channel ID.

Step 6

Now do the use of z/message command. After doing the assigning of the channel, users have to give the Zira the OD message in the given channel. By the use of the command, z/ message ID users can replace the message ID with it.

Step 7

After that, use the z/normal command for the enabling of reaction for the assigning of it and also not assigning with the required reactions. It will do the automatic addition of the emoji to the message ID.

Step 8

Then,  use the z/once command for making the role assigned at a single time. If the users want the role assigning with the reacting and the permanent removing with the unreacted of it, then the use of command z/once will be better for it.

Step 9

Do the testing of it for making sure that the reaction of the role is working properly.

Step 10

Now, remove the role of reaction by the use of z/delete command.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand about the addition of the roles to the discord server. Give us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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