How to Access Activity Monitor on Macbook

Apple builds OS X with an internal application called Activity Monitor to manage your Macbook and MacBook pro is doing. It was the same as Task Manager comes in Windows as a built-in program to manage a program running on your personal computer.

Activity Monitor allows Mac users to check out the process of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or which application consuming a lot of space with the help of  Activity Monitor you can easily stop any application right away.

You can also use Activity Monitor to stop any background or Startup application that could reduce your machine speed or hidden gateways open when you start your system. To know more about stopping hidden gateways running on your computer.

How to Access Activity Monitor on Macbook

Follow the step-by-step guide to accessing Activity Monitor on Macbook and Macbook Pro

Step 1

Go to the “Finder” on your dock, and open a Finder window.

Step 2
Go the “Applications” and double-tap on “Utilities“.

Step 3

Now tap on the “Activity Monitor” icon to access the application.