10 Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You

When you grow older from children to an adult there is some advice which given by your parents that make your life happy and joyful. What I am trying to say do you remember some of the best advice of your mom ever gave you that until now you don’t forget?

There is some word spoken by a mom that you never forget and you also forward them to your children that help them to become a good person. Here we’ve listed some best pieces of advice given by moms all around the world to their children.

Never Lose Hope And Be Thankful For What You Have.

When you come in the difficult circumstance and you at the end of an edge of breaking down or quieting the best thing you trying to achieve in your life. Then the one person in your family supports you and gives positive thinking and wellness by saying these awesome words.

Living to make yourself happy is the best thing you can do for people around you


Whenever you go through a bad phase in your life there this quote tells your parent to you then. You are the most important person on yourself more than your girlfriend, more than your family and along with friends. It’s on you what you want to do and never regret your decision and don’t let anyone affect that decision.

Treat People like Humans And Not Vending Machines


When you grow adult these are the most powerful words you remember and follow in your complete life. Your mom once said to you “You must treat every human being like a human”. Your behaviour makes lots of difference in your appearance to another person on your job or family or friends gathering.

Go To Sleep And Things Will Be Better In The Morning


When you going through the bad phase in your life and your complete day goes bad like a hell. Then these words will make you happy. When at the end of the day you come home in a sad mood with lots of questions in your mind related to your career, your girlfriend or some stuff. Your mom said to you go to sleep and the complete things will be better in next morning.

Express yourself, disregard anyone who doesn’t like it

You must express yourself completely in any competition or in daily life. Doing this will make you happy and you get an experience of life. If you see someone who doesn’t like you then just disregard him completely. Your mom told you, live your life freely without any regret or burden and ignore the people that don’t like doing this to make your life hood happy.

Never Compare Yourself  And  Your Life With Anyone


You must never compare yourself with others such as your friends. Sometimes comes into a circumstance where your friends buy some things expensive and you want them to and you go to your parents and demand that same thing which your parents can’t afford. In this case, your mom or dad said never compare yourself with others because there is various kind of peopling living some are rich and some are poor. So don’t get said about it that you are poor.

Life isn’t easy, it wasn’t supposed to be! Don’t expect it to be easy

Living in this world is won’t easy you’ve to fight to get what you want. So don’t give up easily because at the peak of the success seem close but when you start your journey there are lots of optical and you’ve gone through them all.

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all

When you say something that you don’t suppose to say in people’s place and when you reach home with your parents they explain to you when you don’t have to say some time and keep quiet is the best thing to do which makes your personality look good and well educated.

Respect a Women Because Your Mother Is Also A Women  


When you start respecting women you become a complete gentleman that words from your mom make you a perfect man. Because your mom is also a woman and every woman include your wife, your employee, your friend has to be treated nicely just like men. Don’t compare men and women by gender compare them with their qualifications.

If all your friends jump off a bridge, would you jump off too

The proper meaning of these words is if your friends trying to do something bad which you won’t suppose to do.  For example, if your friend going to a party at night and don’t suppose to go out at night but you go without taking the permission of your parent which is a bad habit.

So it doesn’t better what your friends are doing with their life you’ve to guide them but not follow them on the same track they are going which end up with some bad.

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