Monthly Archives: January 2016

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3 Best iOS Apps To Photo Editing

If you want to make your photo more attractive before uploading on social networking websites you can do that with the twitter apps for photos. There are several photo sharing service and apps allow its users to edit photos before sharing on social sites. In

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How To Remove Evernote Reminders

“How I Can Remove Evernote Reminder feature appeared at the top of my notes list” Evernote one the best place to share your views and useful information via writing a note. There are lots of feature in Evernote which allow its users to easy access

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How To Change Log On Screen on Windows 10

How I Can Change Better Log On Screen Saver On Windows 10 ! According to the Microsoft  currently more than 200 million users upgraded their device to newly launched Windows 10 that comes with new features such as Microsoft Edge web browser which replaced Internet


Stolen App Going To Shut Down Conform

  Well known social media apps listed app Stolen  now longer available for its users. According to the report and this app creators Hey. Inc announced on twitter that company soon going to shutdown Stolen app. Although company not give any excuse why they shutdown