How To Add Hotmail Account on Sparrow for Mac

Sparrow for Mac is a popular OS X email client and it was used by millions of iOS device users. In 2012 Sparrow launched the POP service for iPhone but until now Sparrow for Mac doesn’t support POP conform to the founder of Sparrow on Quora.

So, it was way too hard to add other email services on Sparrow for Macbook but you can add some of them using IMAP settings on your Macbook.

In this article, I will tell you how you can add your Hotmail account on Sparrow for Macbook using IMAP settings.

Add Hotmail Account On Sparrow For Mac

Follow the step-by-step guides to complete access Outlook mail to Sparrow for Macbook without any trouble.

Step 1 : 

Select Preferences on Sparrow for Macbook.

Step 2 : 

Now go to the Account tab and Click + beneath the Accounts list.

Step 3 : 

Type the Email and Password you want to (Appear on Sparrow).

Step 4 : 

Type your Hotmail email and password in the required file.

Step 5 : 

Click on the Create button.

This is the end of the Hotmail account to Sparrow for more similar guides refer to our User Guides section at the homepage.