How To Enable YouTube Dark Mode In Android

YouTube recently updated its Android app with a new feature Incognito Mode. However, you’re not here for that basically when you watch videos on YouTube for more than one hour continuously at night it will affect your eye visibility. The best option to secure your eye’s visibility is to turn on YouTube Dark Mode.

Turn on YouTube Dark Mode In Android Cell Phones

In this article, we will guide to the simple step-by-step instructions by following them you can easily turn on night mode in YouTube without taking any expert help without asking how do I turn on dark mode on the YouTube app.

Typically, there are two ways to turn on dark mode YouTube. The Root and Without Root if you’ve rooted your cell phone then in this case, you can enable YouTube Dark Mode with the root method or else. If your android device is not rooted then you have to follow the second method enabling dark mode on YouTube without root.

Enable Dark Mode In YouTube With Root

Follow the below-given step by step to enable night mode on YouTube.

Step 1: 

Open Google Play Store on your Android device. Now in the search bar type “Preference Manager” and tap on the Install button as shown in the given screenshot.


Step 2:

Navigate “YouTube” from the list.

Enable dark mode on youtube

In case, if YouTube doesn’t show up on the list. Go to the three dots > show System Apps.

Step 3:

Tap to open YouTube Preference File. The file name will be “youtube.xml”.

Step 4: 

Dark Mode YouTube

Add a new boolean file “theme_dark_app and theme_dark_watch_panel” and set both to true. Save the Changes and Restart the YouTube.

Enable Dark Mode In YouTube Without Root

If your android device is not rooted and you don’t want to root it for Dark Mode then it’s ok. There is an alternative way to turn on dark mode on Android smartphones without root. Mainly in this process, you’ve to download a YouTube alternative app.

Step 1 : 

Open Google Play Store. Search for “Floating Player For YouTube” and install it on your device.

Step 2:

After completing the installation process open the app and enjoy dark mode on YouTube.

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