How To Speed Up Computer Performance Using Wise Care 365

Well if your pc is running slow or there is any unwarranted Registry entry in your system then you can solve all these issues by using WiseCare 365 as it offers multiple issues solutions whether it is related to the system tuneup, to clear registry or your junk files. This is one of the top pc cleaning software found on the web. The software offers the best PC optimizing solutions to accelerate your computer without having a hassle.

What is WiseCare 365?

The WiseCare 365 top features of WiseCare 365 are if protect your computer system in real-time along with improving the speed of your system performance by removing unwanted files like web browser cookies, history, temporary files, invalid windows entries and much more.


On the other hand, the software also protects your computer system privacy from prying eyes and hackers. It is also a powerful system hardware monitoring tool.

Features & Benefits of WiseCare 365 Software

There are the features you will able to access in WiseCare 365 software in your computer system.

  • One-Click PC Cleaning Along with PC Checkup
  • Hardware Inventory with Privacy Protection
  • Recover lost files along with hiding files
  • Fastest Boot-Up Speed of Computer
  • Auto Shutdown the PC
  • 24/7 Customer Tech Support

How To Install And Use WiseCare 365 In Windows PC

Follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to successfully install the software and use it to speed up your computer system.

Step 1: 

Download the WiseCare 365 from its official website and Install it on your system and launched the application from the Start Menu.

Step 2:

Now when you start the software it will promote you to the new window in which you will have to fill in your username and email address along with license code.

WiseCare 365 Pro Version

Which takes you from to WiseCare 365 free version to the WiseCare 365 Pro Version.

Step 3:

Now firstly, we start with the Check-up button provided in the center of the software interface. The function will automatically gather all the unwanted files in one list.

Wise Care 365 1

Step 4:

Click on Scan to start scanning all the files and the issues in detail.

Step 5:

Now all the unwanted files will be listed in detail such as unwanted files along with junk files created by windows.

Wise Care 365 2

Step 6:

Moreover, you can also able to access all the invalid windows entries like invalid path and history and much more.

Step 7:

To fix all the issues at the same time. Only you’ve to click on the “Fix” button that it. (as shown in the given screenshot).

WiseCare 365 3

Now your computer system performance has been speed-up compared to previous performance. Moreover, the software not only uses to speed up the system. It has more other features like big file management, a system monitor and much more.

Pro’s and Con’s Of WiseCare 365

There are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Wise Care 365. Which we have listed below that help you out to understand this software more.

# Pon’s 

  • The software offers lots of free and useful tools.
  • Some of the tools that WiseCare 365 offers are automated.
  • You’ve complete control over the PC cleaning.
  • The software also can be used as a portable program with the installation.
  • Lots of functions can be used from right-click menu of the application.
  • Any other relevant point of Wise Care 365 software.

# Con’s

  • Some PC cleaning software is basically marked as “PRO” and requires paid upgrades to operate the application.

 All Tools You Can Access In Wise Care 365

There is a complete list of tools that you can easily access in WiseCare 365 software in your computer system without wasting your time on different types of software. It’s one of the best all-in-one utility software.

  • Auto Shutdown
  • Data Recovery (files & folder)
  • Disk Cleaner & Disk Defrag
  • Empty Files Scanner
  • Fast Search
  • File Shredder
  • Folder Hider
  • Force Deleter (locked files & folder)
  • Internet Speed Tuner
  • One Click PC Cleaner
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Password Generator
  • Privacy Cleaner
  • Process Monitor
  • Startup Application Manager

Personal Thoughts on WiseCare 365

The WiseCare 365 is one of the best memory optimizer software available on the web at affordable pricing. The software contains all the necessary features you want on any PC cleaner application along with other additional features like hardware inventory.

The size of the software is also great you can easily download it from its official website without having the hassle and you can also upgrade to access additional features for advanced optimizing and much more.

Pricing & Upgrade

                    Software      Wise Care 365 Free        Wise Care 365 Pro
                        Costs                             Free                     $29.95


At the end of this review, I can say this is one of the best all-in-one utility software you’re looking for to optimize your computer system. I personally recommend KeepTheTech readers to use Wise Care 365 software. If you have any questions regarding WiseCare 365 you can ask us with a comment box or contact Wise Care 365 customer support service.