Windows 10 Won’t Boot [How To Fix]

Your Windows 10 computer won’t boot up? To recover your PC and get it to restart, use this useful guidance and fixes.

If you get a sudden booting problem in your Windows 10, which is making the Operating System inoperable, then the first thing you should go with is accessing the Safe Mode.

The Safe Mode should answer a lot of questions quickly and also it makes the issue easier to solve.

While in Safe Mode, Windows 10 starts with minimum required drivers. It goes with the necessary startup system files only. Due to this, a faulty file or program or driver won’t load in this mode somehow.

This move will make the problem easier to identify and solve it. There are so many ways for accessing Safe Mode. But when your Windows 10 is not booting at all, you have limited options in your hand.

How To Fix [Windows 10 Won’t Boot]

If you have restarted the OS multiple times and it has failed every time, then Windows 10 will automatically open the Booting options. If for some reason, you don’t get that option (which is a very rare case), then you can do one of two things mentioned below.

Steps 1

The first option is; you can restart your Personal Computer. As soon as Windows 10 tries to be loaded, you have to remove the power supply or you can Press and hold the Power button to make a force shutdown.

You have to repeat this process three to four times. The Windows 10 booting crash should automatically be fixed and the OS will load the Boot options on the screen.

Step 2

  1. Secondly, you can go to pressing the F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly. After doing this, the Windows will try to start and you have to see if it loads the Boot options or not.

2. While the boot options will come out, you have to go to “Troubleshoot”, then go to the “Advanced options”, after going to “Startup Settings”, then click on “Restart”.

3. Once your PC restarts, you can choose the Safe Mode from the list by using the numeric key 4 on your keyboard.

Once you get into Safe mode, you can troubleshoot your Windows 10 booting crash problem. But, for some reason, if the two processes don’t help you and you have got a surety that you need to perform a clean.

Windows 10 install again, then go for it. Before installing it again just make sure you do not lose all your important data in the process. So, try to make a backup.

This is the end of this short guide, Hopefully, you find this article helpful to know how you can Windows 10 Won’t Boot how to fix it. For more related articles read our Windows 10 Guides such as how to install Linux in Dual Boot with Windows 10, and you can also read this Windows 11 Won’t Boot: Troubleshooting, and many more.