10 Best WiFi Tester App For Android and iPhone

Wi-Fi connectivity is not the piece of cake, be it at the office or at home. There are several Smartphone users who struggle and contend with dysfunctional or weak Wi-Fi networks that sometimes lose their signal or association. As technology has evolved and innovations are around, users need one thing that provides the well-optimized network with efficiency use net information.

The nearest solution to this is popping to the modern Wi-Fi analyzer app offered for Android and iOS. These apps are a good selection for mobile phones users who request optimal means which means Wi-Fi network problems.

5 Best Wifi Tester App For iOS (iPhone & iPad) 

1. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi analyzer is a remarkably widespread app in the android world used to optimize your existing Wi-Fi network. It does not need location permission and offers new ways to analyze and optimize your Wi-Fi networks.

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Once you set in it, your device turns into an active Wi-Fi analyzer and starts recommending the best place for your network. to reduce interference and signal vulnerability  Wi-Fi analyzer will get you all periods of time improvement data as well as a distance measure, hidden Wi-Fis and history of signal strength. The analyzer helps you get strong connection stability and speed. For near Wi-Fi sources on Android, this one ability is best.

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2. IT Tools

Technically sound and sharp, IT tools are actually a versatile suite of networking tools designed to focus in the main on packet tracing. There is an integrated Wi-Fi analyzer, though, contained at intervals IT tools for iOS devices.

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The Wi-Fi network analyzer supports scanning IPv6 and handles mDNS and Bonjour services at the side of TXT record information. The multitasked app has continuous traceroute and shows you relevant details on the network hops.

3. Network Analyzer 

The Network analyzer is one in all the foremost wide Wi-Fi analyzer apps for iOS throughout this list. Extremely approachable, the app is paid and designed to help iPhone users troubleshoot and diagnose varied problems against Wi-Fi networks.

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It helps with poor signal strength, latent networks or association stability or different relevant challenges. Its powerful local area network scanner will quickly discover all proximate network devices and performs DNS search.

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4. Wi-Fi Manager

Wi-Fi Manager surfaces as a perfect selection for you if you crave an app for managing all the Wi-Fi connections generally.  Apart from settling for the best Wi-Fi network available among the neighbourhood, the app also offers several superb options that can surprise you.

Best Wifi Manager For iPhone

One of its outstanding traits is its absolutely designed graphical channel radar system that helps you gain increased association quality of the wireless networks. It handles many Wi-Fi signals at the same time. It is compatible and appropriate for each workplace and residential network.

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5. Fing

Fing is an easy-to-use network scanner for iOS devices quite standard for domestic use additionally as among several skilled users. The free app helps users discover network devices and diagnose common Wi-Fi issues that occur often. A variety of the leading hallmarks of Fing Wi-Fi scanner include advanced analytical capabilities, subnet scanner, net property checker, network intruder detection tools and a lot of.

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It additionally identifies device via IP address over bridged networks, that is exclusive. Fing is usually upgraded since its unleash, and to your delight, the latest Fing iOS version offers compatibility for devices on iOS 9.0 and later.

5 Best WiFi Tester App For Android Devices


ScanFi is another useful Wi-Fi scanner app for android users. It helps you effortlessly scan near networks on your premises and permits you to get pleasure from a variety of high-end options that come back handy once activity precise Wi-Fi analysis.

WiFi Analyzer Application

Its scan calibre ranges from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. it’s well-known to show you graphical read of network activity with correct information on obtainable access points, signal strength and network speed conjointly as hidden access purpose. Apparently, ScanFi turns your compatible device into an economical Wi-Fi analyzer. It has all the feature you want for the wifi tester app.

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2. WiFi Monitor

With a spectacular interface, Wi-Fi Monitor makes for a considerable resort for Wi-Fi analysis on an android device. Powerful and economical, Wi-Fi Monitor is an analyzer easy-to-use network analyzer with many tabs to complement user experience like connection tab, network tab, channels tab and a lot of Connection tab stands for data on available.

Wifi Monitor app

Wi-Fi networks and network tab do the work of analyzing those networks that supported several essential technical problems. Channels tab allows  You to check the Wi-Fi channel traffic. Its many charts embrace area-specific signal strength details and sent and received information.

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3. Network Signal Information

This app fits on the point of the Wi-Fi analyzer mentioned at the best of the list in its options and practicality.  Victimization this app, users will accurately scan nearest local area networks to fetch the tiny print regarding existing operating Wi-Fi networks.

Network Signal Info app

Precise and powerful, Network Signal information is easy and truly boasts of being correct in showing actual signal strength. The app also shows you information on several technical aspects of connected networks such as SSID networks, mac address, information transfer and gateway IP address and a lot of.

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Wi-Fi Router Master targets 3 areas whereas working on Wi-Fi analysis: speed, stability and connection. It analyzes the networks to provide reliable info on Wi-Fi network improvements to unravel interference in signals.

Wifi Router Android App

The app additionally boosts connection speed and stability to make it a lot of consistent whereas showing you Wi-Fi association history and hidden networks. Wi-Fi Router is also a dependable Wi-Fi analyzer for near Apps and keeps you updated in real-time on distance and information. Its one of the best wifi tester app for the android platform.

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5. WiFi Data Signal Analyzer

Wi-Fi data Signal analyzer for android is also a recommendable tool for normal Wi-Fi users. a small amount like different Wi-Fi analyzers enclosed inside the list, this one also performs the same analysis of Wi-Fi networks opens around you.

Wifi Singnal Checker On Android

Wi-Fi information helps you with signal strength analysis, connection quality and up-to-date standing of the wireless network in use. It contains four tables supported individual practicality like connection tab, access points list tab, channels tab and signal tab. One will simply get used to this app because of its simple user-friendly interface.

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