Which Type of Poems have 14 lines – [Explained]

Are you finding the poem’s name who is of 14 lines? Let’s discuss it and various related information on this page.

Sonnet- A fourteen lines poem

If we discuss in poetry, then there are many forms of it along with many types. One of them is Sonnet. It is a fourteen lines poem whose origination was made at the court of the Roman Emperor Frederick II in the place of Palermo, Sicily. This poem was introduced in the 13th century and was made with the Sonnet invitation. The earlier sonnets were no longer as per the current language. Later on, they were brought out with the language translation but with much difficulty. The word Sonnet is the Italian word derivation which is Sonetto. It is in meaning related to the word sinus that means sound.

During the time of the thirteenth century a poem was signified of fourteen lines including the rhyme scene and various structures related to it. Various connections that are in association with the sonnet are in involvement over the time of history. Also, writers who write sonnets are known as sonneteers.

The Italian sonnets

The creator of the sonnet is Giacomo da Lentini, who is the head of the Sicilian School. The other head rediscovered it and brought out to Tuscany and adapted it to the language for the foundation of the school of poetry. About more than 250 sonnets were in his words. More other famous Italian writers gave in their writings about the various topics and situations in it.

At that time, the structure of the sonnet of Italian forms was of two parts. when it was taken together, it formed an argument. The first one resulted as the octave forms which gives the description of the problem. For instance, the second one is of the sestet which results in the resolution of that time. The ninth line in the sonnet explains the proposition or the resolution which named as turn or the volta.

After all, various other patterns and structure of writing sonnets came into ways and people started adopting the further forms of writing them. Therefore, famous writers wrote most of the sonnets followed by other different types of poetry which became famous too.

Types of Sonnet

There are about six types of Sonnet which give the effect on various variations.

The first one is the caudate sonnet. It adds up the codas along with the tails as the 14 line poem on it. One of the best examples here is the sonnet of “That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire. “

The second one is the curtal sonnet which is a version of a short form of device which is brought out by the Gerard Manley Hopkins. It gives the maintenance of the proportions in the regular form of the Italian writings as well as the substitution of octave formation. The best example here is the Pied Beauty.

The third one is the sonnet redouble. This is best known as the crown of sonnets. It includes about 15 sonnets which are in link with the repetition of the last line of the sonnet. The perfect example of this is Marilyn Nelson’s written sonnet A wreath for Emmett Till.

The fourth one, a sonnet sequence is a sonnet of groups that shoes the dramatic form along with the situation of it. An example that suits here the best is Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s written sonnets from the Portuguese.

The fifth one, stretched sonnet is a but long as it include about more than 16 lines in it. An example here is of George Meredith’s sequence written Modern Love.

The sixth one, a submerged sonnet in the longer form of poetry work. It is of T.S. Eliot’s written The Waste Land.

Sonnets a Great Expressing Form

Usually, sonnets are written in most of the languages. The main ones are English, Spanish, and French. The most famous writer Shakespeare has written most of the sonnets. He expressed his feelings as romantic forms and many other sharings of him. After all, they have become famous around the world due to his catchy words and proper presentation. Also, most of the writers have written expressing their views on religious and cultural forms.

Wrapping Up

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