21 Places Where To Get Free Moving Boxes

where can I get boxes for moving free? When you’re planning to move to another city or home. The biggest question that hits on your mind where can I find moving boxes for free.

Don’t worry KeepTheTech is here to help you as always, there are some places where you can find free moving boxes at cheap rates.

Free Moving Boxes | 21 Places To Get Moving Boxes For Free

There are some best places to get free moving boxes without paying a penny. In this article, we’ve listed almost 20 places where you can get free moving boxes for your next move.

How To Get Free Moving Boxes

This list contains online and offline places where you can get free moving boxes. There are lots of places to get free moving boxes without paying anything likely to be a retail store, PO box near me and much more.

Offline Resources To Get Free Moving Boxes

Comic Book Store Near Me

bookstore near me

The bookstores are one of the best places to pick up moving boxes. Search for book stores near you using google Maps  and find and create contact numbers of book stores nearby you.

Dail one by one phone numbers and request to get free moving boxes or else offer cheap rates for each box.

Ask New Moved Neighbours

Ask your Neighbours, for offering a free cardboard box to moving lots of people who have the cardboard box. The newly moved neighbours that recently moved in your area have moving boxes.

Ask Wine shops or Grocery stores


The wine store is a perfect place to find wooden boxes to carry costly stuff, just make a quick search in your local area. Just pick up you’re cell phone or notebook and make a quick search on google map “wine shop near me” or “grocery stores near me”. Ask grocery stores to save apple boxes for your next move offer them cheap prices.

Join Facebook Groups of Your City

The Facebook is the most trending social networking website, make a quick search for your local Facebook community groups and join them. After joining the community group post an ad for free moving boxes likely to be “Want Free Moving Boxes Can Anybody Help Me”.

Contact U Haul Customer Service

U Haul is a newly formed customer service company that helps their customers to get what they need. You can dial u haul customer service number (1-800-468-4285) and ask them to help you out in searching for free moving boxes in your local area or city.

Or else you can also use u haul message board for a quick search into your local area for free boxes.

Search Into Your WorkPlace

The best to find free moving boxes without even asking “Where To Get Free Moving Boxes” from anybody in your workplace. Surely if you work in the company or if you take public transportation to work. Then I am sure, you can find lots of free boxes in your workplace or else in the office.

Retail stores Near Me


The retails received tons of deliveries in a week, they have lots of cardboard boxes of different sizes. You can visit one of your nearby retail stores and ask for free boxes, more than 20 % of movers have successfully got free moving boxes from their nearby retail store without paying a penny.

Recycle Center


The recycling center is also the best place to find free moving boxes. Because there are tons of stuff was gathered in one place. Where do people take their unwanted cardboard boxes? usually into the recycling center.

Visit your nearby recycling center and ask the worker or the attendant, if there is any person how sold cardboard to the recycling center if the answer is yes, ask them to resell them to you at cheap prices or for free.

Visit Yard Sales To Find Empty Free Boxes

Go to the yard sales where you can find free cardboard boxes. Ask the buyers to give you moving boxes for free. I am just saying if you drive by any yard sale then you must stop by to seek free moving boxes and the best time to visit yard sale is at the end of the day because more than half of the stuff has been sold. It’s also one of the best places to find free moving boxes.

Cheap Moving Boxes

The cheap moving boxes is a website where you can buy moving boxes at cheap prices. Moreover, the website sells moving boxes for a 70 % discount from the other websites how to sell moving boxes.

Visit The Nearest PO box Office

Pick up your cell phone go to the Google Map and search “PO Box Near Me”. Now Google has helped you out to locate nearest PO box office in your local area. Now all you’ve to is to visit the post office department and ask for free cardboard boxes.

Free Moving Boxes From Walmart

The things are how to get free boxes from Walmart? the answer is simple, find your area nearest Walmart store from the web along with Walmart customer service phone. Dail the Walmart phone number and when you’re connected over the phone line with a Walmart store attendant. Ask or request to offer free moving boxes for your next move.

Coffee Shops and Food Stores

coffee shop near me

Some of the popular coffee shops in the US such as Starbucks, Oceana Coffee Cafe and much more are likely to have cardboard boxes because of regular shipments. Just visit or find out the phone number of your nearest coffee shop from the web and ask for free box offering. The same goes for food stores when you go purchasing foods for your family ask the owner of the store for free boxes.

Online Resources To Get Free Moving Boxes



FreeCycle is a nonprofit organization access worldwide. You’ll have to create a new account in freecycle and navigate your local groups and join them. After this put words in the group “Want Free Moving Boxes” and see if someone is offering them. About more than 50 % of movers will successfully get fee boxes for their next move.

Craigslist Moving Boxes

Craigslist.net is a great platform to get free or cheap stuff. You can easily perform a quick search for “Fee Moving Boxes”. There are lots of people offering moving boxes at Craiglist for free or else at cheap prices.

The Custom Boxes

Custom boxes is an online packing solutions website where you can find all types and sizes of cardboard. They offer moving boxes at very reasonable prices you can visit the website and get a quote from the representative about the pricing. The custom boxes reviews have a great response on the web from their customers when it comes to cheap moving boxes.

Let it Go Buy And Sell


LetGo is a buy and selling app in which you can easily search for cheap moving boxes. The applet you search in your local area. Which could be a plus point for you, Go to the Search bar, type “Boxes” and bam here the magic comes. You see lots of boxes deals at cheap pricing with free delivery along with moving boxes free deals.

OfferUp App

The offer app is also a free application for people looking for free stuff around them. This application lets you search for free boxes from the people who give away moving boxes free for good.

FreeCycle App

The FreeCycle App also a free stuff giveaway platform. In this app, you can easily sell or buy things without paying a penny. Just download the app on your iPhone and make a quick search “moving boxes free” and where you see a list of free boxes give away.


The BoxCycle is a buy and sell used stuff platform. Where you can buy used cardboard and other used stuff at cheap prices. Visit the website and enter your local zip code and you find people who selling cardboard boxes at cheap prices in your local area.


In Freegle you can easily give and get free stuff in your local community without paying a penny to anybody. Just visit on Free Stuff section and make a quick search for free boxes. If any person offering a giveaway of free moving boxes on fragile then, believe me, it’s your lucky day.  However, you can regularly visit this website for free boxes. In case if you don’t get it today.