Where is Spam Folder in Gmail [Explained]

Whenever an email is received by you or by any of your known person you must have come to know that the email was not in knowledge by them as it may be of spam purpose and can be stored directly to the spam folder. By such, your important emails can also be gone through there and you may lose info about it. It may result in loss of the required form of data which may be necessary for you.

Where is Spam Folder in Gmail

It can also be communicated by the searching of the address of the required email which you want to check. For that, you can also go for various steps and can get access to the information on the way in finding the spam folder. 

Here is the explained form of a finding of the spam folder in Gmail and various other topics related to it.

Checking Spam Inbox

  •  Spam inbox of Gmail figure out the emails which are not necessary and they are sent directly to the spam folder. But it is also required to check the spam folder location in your Gmail. 
  •  It is also important to keep a regular check at your spam folder as it can be easily opened in the account of your Gmail. For such, there is only a need for updating your spam settings. 

Where is Spam Folder in Gmail

Updating Folder

  •  As given in the rightward side of your Gmail, various forms of options are shown there. You have to click the icon shown there at the downward side of the list. 
  •  Given there, click on the settings menu which is shown there. It will open a list of your settings of Gmail required. 

Checking Messages

  •  On the downward side of the given list, you will see that the option of spam is given. It is the step that you have to take in updating your settings in your Gmail and it will also help in the prevention of your email from various cracks to happen. Now three forms of options are given thereof showing, hiding or unread form. 
  •  There will be suggested that you have to choose the last given option there. It is the best one to choose for another type of folders which will enable you in getting the drafts with proper emails including the required form of mails. Important conversations will be seen according to the scheduled one and drafts too. 
  •  As soon as the steps have been completed, the last form of emails that were in the missing form will be gone. The time you receive an email if it is detected as a spam option, then it will directly be added as the spam in your spam folder. It will easily make you remember about the checking of the folder in your Gmail. 

Additional Tips:

You can also go to further information on checking off the required basis of folders which are necessarily needed as the spam purpose which afterwards can be stored in the outbox mails. Also how to set messages to drafts.