What is Remote Access Software (Why it is Used)

We can access the system which is far away from us or we can say that we need some technology with the help of which we can use the system which is far away from us. This service is not only used to access the remote system but you can also use it to move data from one system to another without using email or file transfer protocol.

You can also print using this service and you can do a lot of tasks using these services which are known as remote access tools. In previous time, there is no storage in our computer systems but with the advancement of technologies system also started storing data and many times data stored in one computer needed somewhere else or sometimes user forgot to take the important data from their system and it is making a huge loss to them.

To solve these problems, developers started working on this and they found a solution to this problem which is these days known as the remote access tool.

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What is Remote Access Software?

Remote tools are the special kind of technology used to access one system from another system using the internet. The Internet is an interconnection of computers all over the world so that with the help of this technology we can access any system which is connected to the internet and contains a similar type of remote access tool.

These tools use technology widely known as VNC. VNC stands for virtual network Computing. This is a technology which provides remote access to the computer which is connected to the internet So the major question is how all these software works? So this software works on client-server technology. In this technology one system act as a server basically a system from which data is remotely accessed and another system acts as a client with the help of which data is fetched or we can say that data is accessed.

Benefits of Remote Access Software:

There are two main uses of these tools. The first one is that many people know it’s fair use. These tools are just used to access important data from the system or to troubleshoot compatibility or solve some personal problems. Another use of this type of tool is to crack someone’s system. With the help of these tools your data can be stolen, your credentials can be damaged or your system security can be breached easily. So the use of these tools is also dangerous.

Different Types of Uses of Remote Access Software

These tools are used for different purposes. A few of them are listed below. These are the fields where these tools are widely used.

  1. Troubleshooting: This tool is used for troubleshooting problems inside one system. With the help of this tool, IT specialists use a system that is situated somewhere else or which is at a remote location. They use this tool and then fix issues inside the system by sitting at their office.
  2. Work from home: This is the region where this service is used on a large scale. Many people prefer to work at home because it is easy to work in a home environment. You don’t have to pay transportation charges to the office and many other factors. So that these tools are also used by remote workers.
  3. Help desk: these are the special kind of services offered by every company. Sometimes some software shows some issues in their user system. To solve these issues these companies use this type of tool in their daily life.
  4. Personal use: Last but not least. Many people use these remote tools to access their systems situated at their home or office containing some important data. Sometimes people are on the move and they want some files which are stored in the system situated at home. For all these tasks remote access tools are used.

List of Remote Desktop Softwares

  1. Teamviewer
  2. Dameware
  3. Androrat
  4. MremoteNG
  5. Darkcomet
  6. Anydesk


how to use teamviewer

TeamViewer is the flagship product of the company TeamViewer. This is the easiest and most used tool in the world. It is widely used and it is very easy to use. With the help of TeamViewer, we can access a remote system and with the help of this tool, you can also transfer files from another system.


how to install dameware in windows

Dameware is a registered product of Dameware Remote Support (DRS). It is an easy to use remote access tool which helps IT, technicians, to access remote systems for fetching details and to troubleshoot compatibility. It also helps them to solve problems originated in a system due to some software or due to some other reasons.


how to use androrat to hack phone

This tool is developed by 4 university students to access the remote android system and to fetch data from those android devices. Androrat is a contraction of android and RAT that is the Remote Access tool. Usually, all RAT’s have easy control panels. Androrat is also used to hack android phones.


what is mremoteng

MremoteNG stands for Multi Remote Next Generation. This is an open-source, tabbed, multiple protocol and remote connection management tool for accessing systems remotely. MremoteNG is the upgraded version of the MRemote tool. It contains all types of bug fixes and it is better than other remote access tools.

Dark Comet

how to stepup darkcomet RAT in windows

Dark comet is also a type of remote access tool but it is also a type of Trojan. A trojan is a type of code used to steal and damage the system. Dark comet is not safe to use as it may run in the background and it can also steal information from your system without asking the user. It steals credentials like usernames, passwords and other types of personal and professional details.


We have only listed five tools here but there are many tools available on the internet which are also used for a similar job. We have only included the famous and the well-known remote system access software in this blog but you can also use some similar tools. The tools we have listed here are the most reliable ones and you have to be careful while using these services.

As you know every software has some pros and cons. These tools also have some advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

Advantages of Using Remote Access Softwares:
  1. Low maintenance cost: Low maintenance cost is the major advantage of these tools is its lower maintenance cost.    Generally, this software is free of cost and open source means they are available for every individual without for free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use this software.
  2. Ensure flexibility: As I told you, in the beginning, these tools are used to access remote systems or they are used to fetch data from the remotely situated systems which display its flexibility. This software can be installed on different systems and when that system is connected to the internet then you can use them.
  3. Desktop sharing: When you access any system using these types of tools it connects you to the system which acts as a server system and then you will get a feel or you get all controls f the system as you get into your desktop. So that we can also say desktop sharing is one of its greatest features and advantage.
Drawbacks of Using Remote Access Softwares:
  1. Powerful RDS required: RDS stands for Remote Desktop Service. These tools are known as RDS in technical language. So, as the point implies, you need powerful and quality software or you can say tool or RDS to access the system remotely. This tool must be installed in both the systems and both those tools must e compatible with each other so that they can communicate and transfer data between each other.
  2. Reliable network required: the network is also a major issue. You need a reliable internet connection for using this type of tool. Both systems must be connected to the internet and that network should be fast and reliable. If you do not have good internet speed or you have a fluctuating network then you may face some late response problems. You may not be able to access some data or sometimes you have to reconnect to the server for accessing that server system.
  3. User’s security: This is one of the biggest drawbacks these tools offer. Your security can be breached using this type of tool. You should only give your systems remote access to the people who are reliable and whom you know or whom you can trust. Anyone can put some malicious software into your system which will lead to the loss of your security credentials and important data. These tools are also used to hack your systems and it is very easy for those hackers to get access to your mouse keyboard and screen.
  4. Bottlenecks: As I told you earlier these tools are based on a server-client network model. This model has some limitations and we can call this limitation a bottleneck limitation. For example, If your client system contains some good software and hardware due to which it has good speed but your server system is too old and does not has any speed then it will create a big issue. Your data fetching speed and working speed got reduced to the speed of the older and slower system and if you want to use data from that given system you have to tolerate that slow speed.
Few Methods of Safe Use of This Type of Software Are

There are different methods of saving yourself from these drawbacks and from problems that occurred due to the use of these remote access tools.

  1. Never ever-ever give access of your system to someone unknown or if you have to give your access to someone due to some very important reason just keep a check on the screen as whatever he or she is doing same will happen on your screen and if he or she is doing something malicious or dangerous just shut down your system or cut the internet connection as soon as possible.
  2. There are two types of controls in approximately all the remote access software. One is full control another one is partial control. There is no need to provide full control to anyone who wants to get some important data from your system or who is interested to do anything from your system. If you are giving your system control to someone who is troubleshooting problems in your system then you have to provide full control to that person or that remote worker.
  3. Use good quality and reliable tools which will not give access to your important files to the client.

These are the methods one can use to save themselves from different frauds and hackers.

Wrapping Up

From this whole post, I have concluded that these tools are growing day by day and they are becoming an important part of our virtual world. We have to use these services to compete with our competitors and to remain up to date but at the same time, we should be careful while using these technologies. They are also dangerous for us and our computers but if you use them carefully they will not be as bad as you think. We should use these tools carefully and we should follow all the instructions. We should keep an eye on our client activities also.

This blog is an informational blog only and its only purpose is to provide information. We will not support or advertise any of this software and you are solely responsible for the use of this software and the losses that occurred due to these remote access tools.

Hope you understand my thoughts stay tuned with us and please comment below if you have any query related to this blog. We will try to respond to that query as soon as possible. Thank you.