What Happens When You Block a Number on an iPhone

When you block a number on your iPhone, you must have been thinking that what happens after that. Can that person still contact me, or they may still message after that. Several questions may arise. It is actually easy to block, but you need to know in actual what happens after that.

What Happens When You Block a Number on an iPhone

Actually you prevent them from contacting you further so that no many messages or calls can be received by them again. But this cannot be prevented by them to text us on Facebook or Instagram as they can easily message us there.

So here is some of the information regarding this that you must know about what happens further blocking someone on the iPhone.


  • Regarding some of the issues, your iPhone doesn’t know about what was the relationship between that person and you and even can’t recognize it. It will just stop that from messaging you and many others as for facetime, messages and calls.


  • The main method of communication from that person will stop and it will make sure that no further form of device connection is there with that person. But it needs to be kept in mind about what in actual happens about the person when they will hear about that we have blocked them on our phone. It is explained in the upcoming topics.


  • Text messages will not be able to be delivered to the person who blocked neither face calls will be available. It is truly a form of knowledge that must be kept in mind about what are the various advantages a blocked person will get in contact you.

Blocking of Texts

  • When the blocked person will try to send you text message, that person will find that the delivered option will not be shown there which is normally shown every time. This is the best indication that the person has blocked you.
  • The text information is not seen when the person is blocked. No sign of knowledge will be shown to that person and all the connections for such info will be lost to them giving no indications for this purpose.

Facetime Purposes

  • When the blocked person will try to face call you that person will not be able to connect as they are blocked by you. It will only ring and no answer will be delivered thereafter.


  • As the person won’t be in knowledge of block way and no contact can be done by them and they will keep trying until they stop face calling to you.

Calling Option

  • When the blocked person calls you the only info will be voicemail notification that will be sent to your caller app. They can only leave a voicemail to you but it will not show you as a regular form of message.

For that, you need to scroll for such purpose and also it will cover as a window in which you have to see that the blocked messages option will appear and it will result as the notification there showing the voicemail of the person.