What Does TBH Mean – Explained

What does TBH mean? This word TBH stands for, to be honest. This word brought put by teens in their social media interactive language. They usually use this word to give a compliment or say something to them as a definite form. People say it in their communication in a social way and provide the best explanation of it. As, it may occur as a confusing form, but teens of today’s era communicate in such a way only. The adults take much time to understand such social languages of them.

What Does TBH Mean

TBH is more than anything said on Instagram. People use it for getting comments and likes on their photos. Many kinds of reasons are there why people do this. It often can be the situation that they might be bored or they want to get the confidence of them. Also, it can be to increase the followers they want. It is something the way of talking and communicating that people do. If you don’t want any long conversations, then these short meaning words will make a real understanding of the people.

TBH History

The word, to be honest, is as much old from the time of late 90s times. The term is used in the conversation to say about the honesty that people are expressing in social sites. It appeared in the urban dictionary in the year 2003. The people in their teenage life find the word to be heard as a similar form. The assuming in the sentence came as a time of expressing in the same way.

For instance, the posts appearing as TBH posts where the opinions given of each discussion of them, they put TBH in between. It overcomes as a compliment or an intention, but can be abusive or hurting too. It is mostly in a way to convey the natural feeling of the person to the other. Such words are understood when the conversation is much clear between, they began to get the more of them in their chats.

Use of TBH

As being in the direct form of abbreviation, the word occurs as a situation to use in the given sentence form. I am keeping in knowledge about the TBH that people use it the beginning or at the end of the sentence which they have. In the occasionally form as it appears in the middle of the line but can make the clauses in the required way. If we take an example that TBH, you’re my brother. I am always with you brother, sounds the proper use of TBH in the sentence.


Such trends are increasing in the age of youth. Also, it appears as a new form of communication between people to have on social media.