What Does Mean In Excel

What Does Mean In Excel? We all have this question in our mind and when we are using Excel, then we have this question a lot of times. Because mean does a lot of things in Microsoft Excel. So here we are going to talk about the Mean in Microsoft Excel and also we will answer the question that what does mean operator in Excel.

So here without any delay let’s start knowing more about Mean and what does mean in excel. You will find that Mean means exactly the way it is meant in real life or Mathematics. 

Mean is Average of Number of Values

It is very simple for all of us. Because we have studied about mean in school days, that Mean is the average. Whenever we have ‘N’ Number of values and we want to get it’s average, we call it Mean. So mean works as same as Average. In Mathematics sometimes we also use Mean and refer Mean as the middle value of some numbers.

But here we are going to tell you what does mean in Excel and what are the specified formulas that we can use to get the mean out of a lot of numbers or the values. 

Mean Only Applicable To Numbers 

Before going further, let us make it very clear to you that Mean is only applicable to the mathematical values. So numerical values are only used to get the mean out of them. You cant get mean of alphabets or any other special values. Only numeric values are used to find out the mean in Microsoft Excel or anywhere else. 

Here is the Formula to Find the Mean

The basic formula to find out the Mean is simply to put the sum of all the values and then divide that sum with the total number of values used. Keep in mind that this formula is basic and used in mathematical statements.

But when we are going to find out Mean in Microsoft then we have to use this formula in a format that is specially made up for Microsoft Excel. So the exact meaning of What does mean in Excel will come in the next paragraph. For now, you can assume the Mean formula in the outer world as a sum of numbers divided by total numbers. 

Microsoft Excel Formula to find Mean

Write down the numerical values if you want to find out the arithmetic mean of numbers. Not only you will get mean in this example but also you will get a very clear picture of what does mean in Excel. So count the number of values you have in total. Now go to an empty cell and write down the excel formula to find out the Average or Arithmetic Mean.

The formula is “=AVERAGE(A: A)” Here A means the starting cell which has value and the next A means the last cell which has a numerical value.

Now press “Enter” to get the answer. After you press the Enter you will get the right answer which will be the mean of your numbers. 

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