How to Turn on Battery Percentage in iPhone XR

Wondering how to view the percentage of battery in your iPhone XR?  Go with the explanation and procedures on this page.

Battery Percentage in iPhone XR

It always becomes an issue when you are unable to get the battery percentage view on your iPhone. Well, it is available in the control settings to access the view of the battery percentage on your phone. With the help of battery widgets, you can easily view the percentage of it. Through the connection of power source, it is visible in your device easily. There are two ways in which you can get the view if your battery percentage. The first is by the control center option and the second by battery widgets.

Turn on Battery Percentage in iPhone XR

Here are the procedures which will explain the proper steps for adding the battery percentage:-

Procedure 1: Display in Control Center

Step 1

Firstly, begin with the swiping to the downward side of the iPhone XR screen. It can also be performed even when your phone is in the lock position.

Step 2

The control centre settings that are available in that line will appear on the screen. It will show you the percentage of battery which is next to the icon of the battery.

Step 3

When you will click on it, it will immediately show the battery percentage number on your screen.

Procedure 2: By the Batteries Widget

Step 1

Firstly, swipe from the home screen to the rightward side. It will show you the widgets on your screen. They are an easy way for accessing the information that is necessary to add the apps of your choice.

Step 2

Now scroll the screen to the downward side of the widgets and click on the edit option. It will show you the add widgets screen there. The option of edit will occur there even without the scrolling of it to get the full display. Keep your phone in unlock form to let the editing of widgets done.

Step 3

Move to a bit downwards and select the Batteries option in the section of more widgets. If it is not visible, then pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device. After that return back to the screen of widgets editing. On the screen, it is now visible the option of batteries widget.

Step 4

Click on the + option for adding the Batteries widget. The applications that you have installed in your iPhone XR will appear on the screen in the order of alphabetical form. The order can also be changed of widgets by clicking and holding of the icon and taking it to the other position.

Step 5

Select the done option which is visible on the right side of the corner. It will get the Batteries widget in the list of your widgets.

Step 6

After that, move to the right side by swiping the home screen to get the view of the percentage of battery. Also, the other devices that are connected with your iPhone XR can be seen on the page of widgets.

Step 7

Now, as you will see, that the percentage of battery is now visible on your home screen. Now you can easily check the battery of your iPhone XR as per your way.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information was properly for adding the battery percentage to your iPhone. Give us feedback in the comment section. Also, visit our more topics for further information.

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