Turn ON Flashlight On Your Phone – Step by Step Guide

Wonders, how to turn on flashlight on phone? The use of a flashlight on your phone may not be for every time, but it is essential for any time use of it. It is a usable form when you require it. Here the complete information about how you can turn on or off the Flashlight of the phone by many methods required. The explanation of both given, one for android and the other for the iPhone. Here are the processes as are necessary for such of these ways.

 Going Through With Settings Option

There was before a built way to go through with the use of Flashlight in android. Then, in the year 2014, the version of 5.0 in android launched with the toggle flashlight feature. Now the function of Flashlight is all at the outer part in android phones. 

How To Turn ON Flashlight On Phone

For turning on the Flashlight, we have to go to the downwards side of the given screen, and then we have to open the settings menu there. A flashlight option will appear. We will click on it and in an instant way, it will start to open the flash of LED. 

As it depends on the type of icon which appears there, the users need to take the figure of Flashlight on the notification style. After going with it, we need to click on the off button of the Flashlight. Performing any other activities on your phone will keep the switch of Flashlight still on. 

If you don’t find the button of Flashlight, then you can go with swiping off the left or the right side and then accessing with the icons of it. The figures will be a slight difference if you have any other device. It can be Samsung or any other in which you will find different types of icons for Flashlight.

Using the Google Assistant

The settings option may result as not always in use when you want it in an early time. You may require some other forms of shortcuts for turning on the Flashlight. There can be any other shortcuts in settings that you might found not easy to access. Whenever working or just anything, it becomes complicated to open such Flashlight. 

To get rid of such a situation, you can go through with the Google Assistant feature. You can use the Ok Google command to turn off the option of Flashlight on your device. 

There are many ways to go through with the Google Assistant that will all depend on your phone. In the Google widget, there is an option of Google assistant option, which is easy to access on your phone. If access to the home button is there on your phone, then you can use it by pressing and holding it for a few times. 

Many of the devices come with the pixel formation, which can be easier to access the Google assistant. To get an approach of fully emerged to the hands-free style, then you can easily set up the Google Assistant at any time by saying Ok Google there even if you find the off check of your screen. 

The Flashlight App

If you find not using the required methods of utilizing the Flashlight, then you can go through with the use of the flashlight app. It will enable you with the all set features and functions of Flashlight in a single app. There are several flashlight apps available in the play store. It is a simple way using the flashlight option in the app of it. You will get many other forms of features for going through with the flashlight app. 

 Different features for Flashlight

As many of the android phones include some of the other features to enable and close the flashlight button it. They can be of shaking your device or pressing of any button on it. You can go through with your phone and can find many ways for flashlight features. You can easily give them a great try and can add different forms of the uses on it. Though they have a great application, you must use the inner given features of Flashlight on your device. It will be both comfortable and better in use to us. 

 Going through with iPhone’s Flashlight

As we all know that there is a slight change in the feature of Flashlight in iPhone devices. They are in actually much more relaxed there to go with the Flashlight on iPhone. The easiest way, as you take, is from the control centre used for its shortcut form. On the various versions of iPhone devices, you have to swipe to the downside from the upper way and can get access to it. If you are using the iPhone 6 or an earlier version, then you have to swipe to the upward side from the downward of the screen ahead. 

As you will open the control centre on your iPhone device, you have to click on the flashlight option and then have to go with it. Then you can click again on it for turning the switch off. 

On the latest versions, you can even adjust the brightness of your flashlight button. For this, it needs to press hard the icon of Flashlight. After this, you will see their slider in which you can easily adjust the settings which you want there. 

The feature of Siri will work on iPhone devices as same as that of Google assistant. You have to say Hey Siri, and then it will take you and do the needful for you. It is all a simple task to perform there. By speaking to turn the Flashlight on, Siri will immediately do for you.

Such options and features of Flashlight are comfortable and enjoyable to use both in Android and iPhone devices. You have to make sure that you go along with all the methods and can get the one in which you feel better. It is in actual a required feature to use when you need a flashlight.

Wrapping Up!

Hope, you get complete information about the proper process of turning on the flashlight on your phone. Moreover, In case if we’ve missed any method to turn on flashlight feel free to tell us using the comment box.

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