How To Turn Off AutoPlay Videos On Facebook

What is the Facebook AutoPlay Video Feature?

Facebook added a new feature autoplay videos which help users to view videos while scrolling to the news feed. When you stop scrolling on any video on Facebook its starts automatically. This may affect your web browser or usage of data increase on Facebook.

How Can I Stop Videos Auto-playing On My Facebook Account!

I have noticed on my Facebook account, auto-play video feature was enabled I don’t do it but I was cool but this feature decease my internet speed or I say the Facebook homepage lot of time to completely load.

Lots of time Facebook users want to stop the Facebook videos auto-playing feature. You can easily turn off video autoplay without taking anybody’s help. In this article, I will guide you to the step for disabling the videos autoplay feature, Because I already have done it.

So a friend just read this complete article to know the proper way to turn off automatic videos on Facebook account.

Disable Autoplay Videos Feature On Facebook

Facebook allows its users to disable Autoplay videos to save data or speed up the loading of Facebook pages. When your Facebook account, you’ve noticed the low speed of loading which is due to the autoplay video feature you can turn off autoplay video on Facebook.

Follow the below-given step-by-step guide along with the screenshot to disable the autoplay video function on Facebook.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings of your Facebook account as  (shown in given screenshot

Step 2 : 

Now move to the last tab called Videos Settings. Click to open it.

Step 3 : 

In Auto-Play Videos, headlines change Default to off to turn off autoplay videos features and change to on if you want to enable autoplay videos on your Facebook account.


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