How To Transfer Photos From Galaxy S4 to Macbook Pro

Samsung Korean electronic device manufacturer’s most popular smartphone series Samsung Galaxy comes in a wide range.

However it was hard to operate some features in Galaxy smartphones and it users were confused, just like this some Galaxy users didn’t know how to import photos from Galaxy S4 cell phones to Apple computer machines such as MacBook Pro.

This guide explains how you can easily send photos, videos and some other large-size files from one device to another using a USB cable.

Transfer Photos, Videos From Galaxy S4 To MacBook Pro

Follow the given below guides to learn how you can send photos and videos from an Android smartphone to an iOS device.

Step 1 : 

Connect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer via a USB cable

Step  2: 

On the Galaxy Screen poll down to reach the black screen that what running on your phone.

Step 3 : 

Now Click on “Connect to the Media Device” you automatically redirect to the USB PC connection

Step 4 : 

In USB PC connection mark tick on CAMERA (PTP) 

After you complete all four steps you can easily transfer your Galaxy S4 photos, videos and large-size files to MacBook Pro.


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