How to Switch Worksheets in Excel on Mac Via Command Line

Most of the time Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac users don’t know some tricks to work on Office on Mac devices. After upgrading Office Mac to Office Mac 2021 lots of Mac user-facing trouble using it.

Recently Mr. Agam Goyal one of this blog readers asked the question “How Can I Switch Between Worksheets In Excel on Mac “

In this article, I will show how you can switch sheets in Excel on a Mac machine using a command line in the command prompt.

How To Switch Between Sheets In Excel on Mac

You can easily move between different sheets in Office Excel on your Mac device using a simple command.

Old OS X Switch Sheets In Office Excel 

Command Line


Office Excel 2021

 Command + ~

This is the end of this guide hopefully these command lines come in handy for you to switch between sheets in Office Excel on a Mac device. For more information regarding shortcut keys of Office Excel 2016 visit this official support page.  If you have a question for us ask for this article via the comment box.