How to Stop Google Calendar Notifications

 Google Calendar is a free online calendar application, with it, you can easily keep tracking your life’s important events all in one place.

But sometimes you want to turn off all notifications coming from Google Calendar on your computer, or smartphone. Yes, you can easily turn off all notifications coming from Google Calendar by following the given below guides.

How To Turn Off Google Calendar Notification

Google Calendar allows its users to stop getting a notification on their device and to stop this notification you can turn off notification completely.

Turn Off Notification on Mobile Phone

Step 1:

Open the Google Calendar App on your smartphone and go to the Menu bar, given at the top left.

Step 2:

Now select Settings given at the bottom, and select the calendar you want to stop notifications.

Step 3:

Now touch the notification, and choose No notification.

With these steps, you can easily stop notifications in any event or calendar to stop receiving event notifications on your smartphone.

Turn Off Notifications in the Computer

Step 1:

Open Google Calendar and open settings in it.

Step 2:

Now in settings, choose the calendars tab given at the top.

Step 3:

Now click on edit notification, and click remove next to the notification.

If you have multiple accounts in Google Calender then follow these three steps to disable notification in all accounts. For more help visit this official page of Google Calendar.

Hopefully, this guide will help to stop or turn off all notifications from Google Calendar on your smartphone, iPhone or computer. For more like these articles, you can visit our homepage to get more updates with like articles.