4 Methods To Fix “Sorry Something Went Wrong” On Instagram

According to the sources, there is an issue going on with the Instagram App. when any user tries to change anything into their profile and saved the changes the Instagram will redirect you to an error page which a message “sorry something went wrong creating your account. please try again soon.”.

There are a lot of reasons why you’re getting this error message while browsing your Instagram account. In this article, we guide some simple ways from which to get rid of sorry something went wrong error in no time.

How To Fix Sorry Something Went Wrong Error On Instagram

So the question is Why is Instagram saying sorry something went wrong? Basically, when Instagram shows you this error page which means you’re taking to change into your Instagram Account or else there are some reasons why could you get this message. Such as low bandwidth internet connection, the Instagram app not working properly etc.

The below-given solution will definitely help to fix the error without having a hassle.

1. Close and Re-Open The Instagram App

Sometimes there will be a technical error in the application. So firstly we began with restarting the Instagram app. You’ve to restart the app on your phone because when the application restarts the bugs and other technical issues will be removed automatically that causing the error.

It is easy to step to fix the error and it let you know if there is an issue with an app. So we can fix in upcoming solutions. Just close the app before re-opening the app clearing the background running application from your device. After restarting the app you still seeing the error message then move to the second solution.

2. Clear The Cache Of the Instagram App

Due to app cache, the application stops working on the device for this issue you’ve to clear the cache and cookies of the Instagram app from your phone. The cache files in the Instagram dictionary are temporary files that are stored in the dictionary of the application. The files are saved to load the application more quickly when the user performs some specific action again and again.

delete instagram app from iPhone

When the user clears the cache files of an app, the performance of the application will be increase because it a simple process of optimizing the app on phone and moreover it also removes the bugs and errors of the application and makes it smoother without getting lag.

Follow the steps to clear the cache files on the Instagram app—

  1. Go to the Settings of your cell phone.
  2. Move to the “General” option given at the top of the list.
  3. Go to the “iPhone Storage” and tap on “Instagram”.
  4. Now tap on the “Delete” button.

So basically you’ve to delete the Instagram app from your iPhone and reinstalling it from Apple Store. This will remove the cache files saved on your iPhone storage. And the error will be gone away from the application.

3. Temporary Block The Instagram Account

This is a magic trick that works for everyone because this action will remain you like you’re in a magical Indian dance for some time. Now come to the point, the temporary blocking will remove the error and all issues at once.

All you’ve to do is block your Instagram account for a few hours and while doing so there an option that you’ve to choose for temporary blocking. Firstly, you’ve to visit the Instagram Web version through the internet browser. And login into your account and navigate the following option “Temporarily Disable My Account” from the Settings.

sorry something went wrong creating your account. please try again soon.

When you select the option you will be redirected to the reason why you want to block your Instagram account in choose “Login Issue” and hit continue. After 2 or 3 hours of trying not to log in to your Instagram account and after that when you log in the issue will be resolved automatically.

4. Contact Instagram Support 

If all the above methods won’t work for you and you still see the error message “Sorry Something Went Wrong Please Try Again Soon”. So you’ve to contact the Instagram help center using the chatbox or email support.

Open the authorization screen and go to the Login-In-Help on the Instagram app. Enter your email address with the account that has been registered and click on Send Email. In a few minutes, you’ve received an email from Instagram support with a blue colour link from where you can access your Instagram account directly.