Skinniest Person In The World: Complete List

Skinniest Person In The World is get searched more then an food name on the search engines like and the people really wanted to know who is the Skinniest Person In The World. Fortunately you’ve visited on the right article, because here we are going to show an entire list of all skinniest people from all around the world.

What Does Mean Skinniest Person In The World?

Mainly the skinniest person are marked as lucky once to have low weight body. Because every women dreams to be look attractive and in good body shape that all comes under the classification of the Skinniest Person In The World.

That way to help the people from all around the world we have composed and list of all the skinniest person on earth. You can easily go through the names of each person from our list along with that we can get their biography and some of their details such as name, profession, home town and much more.

Who is the Skinniest Person In The World

Getting health and fit as become an trend and obsession’s for many people all around the world. Which is an great habit to become fit and looks charming and dynamic. Moreover, we all know when its comes to the body weight we all spends lots of money on weight losing products and spends lots of time on internet to get some working formula for us to get slim.

That why we all wanted to know who is the skinniest person in the world then don’t here is an list of all the skinniest person ever lived on this earth. This is an ranking of the skinniest persons ever lived on the earth.

Most Skinniest Person On The World

According to the rankings, Lizzie Valasquez is at the number one spot of all the individuals. Losing weight frequently causes people to be dissatisfied since it alters their body shape, attractiveness, and self-esteem. It frequently makes those people appear to be a sickness and resulting in poor health circumstances. Anexoria is a health condition in which an individual loses their urge to eat.

Lizzie Valasquez

Valasquez was born on March 13, 1989, and she currently lives in Austin, Texas. The woman weighs 58 pounds (26kg).Lizzie is reported to have been obliged to eat every 15 minutes (60 meals) to survive.

skinniest person
Lizzie absorbs within 5000 and 8000 calories per day as a conclusion. In terms of family, she has a younger brother nicknamed Chris and a sister Marina.

Her slimness is caused by an extremely rare illness recognized as “Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome (NPS).”This sickness, like Progeria, encourages premature aging. Lizzie now resembles being older than other personalities in her twenties. Lizzie is a well-known motivational speaker and writer who has visited over 200 programs since the age of 17.

Ioana Spangenberg

Ioana Spangenberg is an another women and she as weights 84 pounds and has 20-inch waist more over she is an Romania model and people most stir her whenever she goes on the public area because of the his body shape. In Romania she was also known as the human hourglass and Human Coathanger. 

Ioana Spangenberg waist

She was born in 1982 Romania and currently ioana is 38 years old and her height is 5.6 inch. On internet not much information available about her personal hobbies and studies. Moreover, Ioana claims that her body shape in natural.

Tom Stanford

Tom Stanford was born in 1989 Cypus and currently he is 32 years old. According to the reports Tom has 6.3 feet height and 143 lbs weight and he also comes into the list of skinniest person in the world. As you can clearly see in the available image of the Tom Standford.

Tom Stanford skinniest boy

Most of people don’t know that Tom is an para-cyclist from Exeter and he also won the National Para-Cycling Circuit Race Championship in 2011.

Tom has has diagnosed by an tissue disorder that affects his total body parts such as ankles, hands etc.

Valeria Levitin

valeria levitin is also comes in the list of thinnest person in the world. She was surffed with an disease called anorexia that is an sickness characterised by a skewed body image and an unjustified fear of getting overweight.

Valeria Levitin weight

Valeria starting losing kilos of weight and last she cannot able to  raise the necessary ones to be healthy. She was 40 years old with the weight of 26 kilo’s and Anorexia took her to the edge of her death December 2013.

Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung was born in 1937 in United States and she has the gunniess world record for the smallest waist on the earth.

Cathie Jung waist size

The Jung has 38.2 centimetres of waist and her height is 5.6 feet. The measurement of her body is 39-15-39.

RanksSkinniest Person in the World
1Lizzie Valasquez
2Ioana Spangenberg
3Tom Stanford
4Valeria Levitin
5Cathie Jung

What is the skinniest person in the world?

The Skinniest person in the world means the people from all around the world have the smallest body waist. Currently, the skinniest person in the world is Lizzie Valasquez with 26 kgs of weight.

Who is the thinnest girl in the world?

The thinnest girl in the world is Valeria Levitin she is 39 years old and has 26 kgs of weight. She expired in December 2013 due to anorexia disorder.

Who holds the record for the smallest waist?

Cathie Jung was born in the United States in 1937 and holds the world record for the lowest waist on the planet. The Jung has a waist measurement of 38.2 centimeters and a height of 5.6 feet. Her physical measurements are 39-15-39.

What does the skinniest weigh?

Zaráte is the first adult to have Majewski osteoplastic primordial dwarfism type II recognized. She was inducted into the Guinness World Records as the “lightest recorded adult” at the age of 17, weight 4.7 lbs

Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know some of the top skinniest people in the world. Don’t forget to share this list with others on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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