How to Share iCloud Drive Folder on iPhone And Mac

What is iCloud

With the use of iCloud,  you can easily share various files and documents along with other users of iCloud.  Also,  you can work for your different documents and can share various links through downloads from any other device. Both the users will view the same items they shared.  The person who will receive the invitation will click the link for downloading the shared folder from any device.

Sharing through the iPhone and Mac

Here are the various steps which you need to follow for sharing to your iPhone and mac:-

How To Share iCloud Drive Folder For iPhone

  • Firstly, you have to open the files option and then select the browser on the right bottom button for viewing your documents.
  • Now, select the cloud drive button at the options from your locations.
  • Then, found the folder option and select the tap button and hold on the icon given there.
  • Select the share option and go o the required channel.
  • For selecting the folders in together form, swipe up to share sheet and then it will bring you to your top-right side.
  • Now, as you can see, there comes the sheet of your people. There you can easily select add option.
  • a new file will be visible and then the folder can be seen while sharing the screen.
  • Select the share button on the given page.
  • There, you can make a folder view and can find the required page.
  • Choose the folder with the other person. After that select the messages button.
  • After that, search for the contact option and select the send icon.
  • You can also share the folder by using a link. Through this, it will be easier to end the apps list and will be better in share options.
  • Choose the copy link option and then select the link in the share option.
  • Now you can easily paste the folder by tapping on the folder and then select the show option. Now you will be able to access your documents easily.
  • The moment you receive the invitation from the drive, it will be easier to have the label on the given folder which you shared.

How To Share iCloud Drive Folder In Mac

  • Same on the mac, features are built on the Finder app, as when it gets updated and uploaded to share the right from the mac.
  • You have to open the context option and right-click on it.
  • Add the people you want to add and go to the share option.
  • A new option as add will be available there.
  • After the next page, select the contact and then go to the required option.
  • In the given screen, you can select the contact and go to the show option.
  • On the given menu, select the panel and click on the stop option.