How to Setup a IMAP Email Account in Windows 10 Mail

There are several apps in Windows 10 that get the overall new look by this some windows users facing trouble to set configure to Windows 10 Mail app. In this article, we guide how to set IMAP for Gmail to Windows 10 Mail Account.

Using these guides you can also set up POP to Windows 10 Mail and you can also figure out how to add the Email account to Windows 10.

Here, the guides

How To Set Up IMAP Email Account To Windows 10

Before setting up an IMAP account you need to access to your Email Account to get IMAP server address to know how to find out server addresses of email service provider.

To know more read out this articles How To Enable IMAP in Gmail or for more check out Google guides for Set p IMAP.

For the incoming emails, the address will look like this “” without brackets check out this given example of IMAP addresses.

For the Outgoing emails, the address will look like this “” this is an example of a Gmail Account.

If you want to set up a website IMAP then go to the domain provider such as Godaddy and navigate to Domin Settings > Host Name (CNAME) and copy both outgoing mail address and incoming mail address.

Now after getting both Outgoing and Incoming server addresses you just need to set up them into Windows 10 Mail app.

Step 1 :

Go to the Start Menu and open up Windows 10 Mail

Step 2 :

Go to Gear Icon to open Account Settings and then  “Account” > “Add Account”

Step 3 :

In Choose An Account window. Click on Advanced Settings

Step 4 :

Select the “Internet Email”

Step 5 :

Now the enter the Account Name, Your Name, Incoming Email Server.

Then select the Account type (IMAP4) then Username, Password, and last Outgoing Email Server.

In Windows 10 Mail app there are some options while setting up an IMAP or POP email account to alter setting such as whether or not the outgoing server will require authentication when you send an email, required SSL for incoming and outgoing emails.

Once all done, Click on Sign-in, and you good to go.

You see your account was successfully added to the list of Email Accounts of Windows 10 Mail

Verify The Connection of IMAP Account 

Once the Mail App confirms your account you should verify your account email connection by sending the text email to your friends to confirm you’ve successfully set up IMAP in Windows 10.

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