How To Set Up Safari As Default Browser

Previously we talked about enabling and disabling cookies on the internet explorer web browser. In that article, I showed you how you can easily enable and disable cookies on IE. After that last week a published article about changing default search engine on Opera Mini software on a desktop computer.

Recently one of these blog regular readers asks me a question related to changing the default browser to a safari web browser. If you’re also looking away for proper guides to set up a default web browser on your computer web browser such as safari.

Set Up Safari As a Default Browser

Safari was the three most popular web browsers used worldwide to suffer web pages. Although there is no comparison between Google Chrome and Safari because more than 75 % of people around the world used Chrome browser because it safe and secure in many ways.

Safari web browser has its own importance among its users and sometimes it was way too hard to make some changes on safari browser.

So if you’ve multiple web browsers installed on your system then probably when you open it says to make this web browser as a default. Because when you open any web address from your computer it was open with the default browser.If want to set up safari as your computer default web browser

Step 1 : 

Launch Safari on your computer system

Step 2 :

Click on the Gear icon and then select Preference

Step 3 : 

Under the General tab, find the Default Web Browser option


Step 4 : 

Drop down the menu and select Safari 

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