Enable IMAP / POP In Gmail And Connect Account To Outlook

Creating an IMAP or POP generally means you can easily download all emails and conversation messages from your Gmail account to some other mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, AppleMail or ThunderBird. Basically, it was used for you when you’re not online or connect with the internet.

In this case, you can easily check all messages and emails from mail clients. Google offers this service for free for all Google Mail users. So you can easily configure IMAP on Gmail for Google App and some other email clients.

Recently one of the readers of this blog asked via comment box on the HOW-TO-GMAIL article ‘how to enable IMAP in Gmail. In this article, you can read step-by-step guides to enabling and disabling IMAP on your Gmail account.

How To  Enable IMAP/POP In Gmail

There are some important things that you’ve to know before enabling IMAP on your email account. After enabling POP or IMAP on any mail client you can read any email sent to you without having a network connection.

Step 1 :  

Login in to your Gmail Account

Step 2 : 

Click on Gear Icon and then select Account Settings 

Step 3 : 

Now move to forwarding and IMAP / POP panel > Enable IMAP

Step 4 : 

Save Settings

When you enable IMAP / POP on your Gmail account you can easily disable it. If you don’t want to use IMAP with any mail client.

After enabling IMAP on Gmail Account you’ve to set up a mail client. If you don’t know how to set up mail client then read the given below.

How to Set up a Mail Client After Enabling IMAP In Gmail

After enabling IMAP lots of people don’t know how they can connect their mail account using IMAP server settings to any other mail client. Although there are several clients and some common and secure once’s are Outlook, Apple Mail Thunderbird.

Here I tell you how you can connect your Gmail account using IMAP settings to Microsoft Outlook 2007 to 2016.

Step 1 : 

Launch Microsoft Outlook 2013 from Microsoft Office

Step 2 : 

Now Select File > Account Settings

Step 3  

In Account Settings > Email Account > Manual Setup or Additional Server Types

Step 4 : 

Select IMAP or POP and then Press Next

Step 5 :

In Add Account window, type your personal information as shown in (screenshot)

Step 6 : 

Click on More Settings and then click on Outgoing Server tab

Step 7 : 

Now select My Outgoing Server (STMP)  >  Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server

Step 8 :

Click on the Advanced tab, Enter the

  • Incoming Server (IMAP) : 993
  • Incoming server encrypted connection : SSL
  • Outgoing server encrypted connection : TLS
  • Outgoing server: 587

Press the OK button to close more settings dialogue box and then click on Next

Outlook will test account settings by logging into an incoming mail server and send a text email or message. When this short team process complete Click on Close. Add Account window pop with the message “You’re all set” then Click on Finish To read more information related to this article or upcoming articles you can easily Subscribe to Us and follow us on social networking websites.