How to Setup Firefox Browser As Default in Windows 10

If you installed more than one web browser on your computer such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows default Internet Explorer. When you use multiple web browsers to suffer web pages you have to set anyone’s web browser to default for all users.

You can easily change the default mode on your computer with the help step by step-by-step guides.

Setup Firefox Default Web Browser In Windows

There are two ways to set up Mozilla Firefox as a default web browser on your computer.

 First Method:

You can easily make Firefox web browser the default browser without leaving the browser just follow the given below steps.

Step 1 :

Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer.

Step 2 :

Now go to Open Menu, available at the right top corner.

Step 3:

Open Options and then go to General.

Step 4: 

Click on the Make Default button.

Second Method : 

Step 1

Open the Control Panel by Start Menu.

Step 2: 

Now in control panel open Default Programs.

Step 3 :

Click on “Set Program Access and Computer Default”.

Step 4: 

Now in it select Custom.

Step 5 :

Click to make Firefox as the default browser.

Step 6:

Press Ok button.

This is all for this guide for more helpful user guides do check our Firefox guides section.