How To Send Photos In Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger was web application same as other social networking messaging service such as WhatsApp. You can enjoy lots of services offered by Yahoo Messenger to its users, you can easily installed it on your computer or in your cell phone and start communicating with your friends and family member that are already on yahoo messenger.

Sometimes in middle of your conversion, you have to share some photos on yahoo messenger from your computer. In this article, I will show you how you can easily send photos on yahoo messenger without taking somebody’s help.

Send Photos On Yahoo Messenger

Follow the step-by-step guide to share pictures on yahoo messenger.

Step 1 : 

Launch  Yahoo Messenger on your computer.

Step 2 : 

Now go to the file or folder where a photo was located.

Step 3: 

Drag and Drop the photo on Messenger.

Additional Tip :

I recommend you just select the “Send a File or Click Photo” hope this helps.

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