Send Anonymous Message To Any Phone Number

What is the anonymous message, call? When we want to send messages to your friend without revealing the identity. You want to prank your friend to send fun messages that are called an anonymous message. The anonymous message is text messages, SMS, call, video, pictures. Sometimes we want to make fun of your friend and customer care, retailers and do not share your contact information so in order to send anonymous messages and panic them.

Your contact number is not showing other mobile phones because of anonymous messages through. So, in this article, we are going to guide the anonymous message of how to send any number Let’s follow certain steps and websites. In google various websites and apps available to help you send an anonymous message and make fun.

What are Anonymous Messages?

It will be referred to as illegal because you send the violation law message to send any person your IP address track through hackers and cyber cells and getting strict action. So do not send the abuse, accident, death messages prank.
These websites are the World’s largest popular and most trusted anonymous message to send services without getting any charges. Whatever message you want to send any particular the number they not be illegal but do not send the abuse messages accidentally etc. Then will you send this type of message your IP address blocked on a lifetime on the website.

Follow certain steps to send anonymous message send:

Step 1:

Search on address bar website name “how to send anonymous message”

Step 2:

A searching window will be open in this – writer your number to send on another number.

Step 3:

Write the personal contact number whom you want to send.

Step 4:

Write your message into the message box and type the security code as write and press send.

List Website To Send Anonymous Messages

These are a number of lists of websites you can use to send an anonymous message using the web browser on your mobile phone or computer with stable internet connectivity.

1. Seasms

This site allows you to send anonymous text messages globally. Also, you can attach files, pictures, images with anonymous messages. This site sending SMS and MMS both are but you registered first. Here, certain steps to be followed:

1. In the address bar search website “Seasms”.
2. Write a phone number with country code.
3. Write your fun messages and actual message you want to send and click on the send option.

Send Anonymous Message


(.in) this is the India domain name this website allows us to send an anonymous message to any Indian
contact number. You can easily send a long message 160 a character without any registration. To check the delivery report and the website provide a very fast delivery system.

Certain steps to be followed:

1) Search the website name “” on the address bar.
2)Enter the mobile number you want to send someone.
3)Write your message which you need to send and click them.

 Free Way To Send Anonymous Message


This website is free to send messages to any person. This website offering for anonymous message sends one person to another. Disadvantages of this website are used by only the USA cell phone provider. The same process to be followed in this article above two website steps. Above all information are work so try to something and make fun with your friends and companies.