10 Secure Phone Dialer Apps For Android

As the year goes, new apps arrive with the new technologies and facilities. Android also introduces many new features in its software. Different features and skills are manufactured are brought out with amazing services. So, in the year 2020 too, there are many new advances produced along with various new apps. So here will be explained new dialer apps that are brought out by android. Here, some of the best phone dialer apps for android.

1. Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts

Phone Dialer Apps

This app is recommended by most of the people, as being the most updated and best for android. It includes an attractive dark design and also has easy navigation and a clear view. It contains superb features and the best brand.

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2. Phone

Phone App By Google

It is a little different type of app, which provides its features in various languages along with various numbers of features. Also when opening it, it will show an overlay of options and a dialer. You can easily drag the screen there and can launch this app smoothly.

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3. Truecaller


This one is the dialer which provides the best feature of both the caller ID and a dialer. It gives various details of the caller by which you can easily get the information of whom the call is coming. It provides various sufficient information and provides an easy way of proper category. It’s India one of the most trusted and secure phone dialer apps.

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4. True Phone Dialer

True Phone Dialer

It is the most used android app which provides a great technique and a simple easy design feature of advanced technology. It offers the best way of managing contacts and overall better themes. It also provides good controls to navigate the proper grouping of the best section.

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5. Address Book

Address Book

It is in actual an app that is best for the purpose of contact managing. If we take it as a fact that the dialer prefers a best organized and a good manner of impression a number of best themes. It gives a better tool of performance which gives the ultimate source of good customization.

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6. ZenUI Dialer

ZenUI Dialer

This app is a default provider of the best devices of ASUS. It is actually a good option to select this app. It ultimates easy access and organizes the best way for its performance. The availability of themes in it gives the attraction to this app.

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7. Contacts+


For the purpose of OEM based dial, this is an awesome app and merges the use of best shown connected features of it. It is a great place where you can easily connect with your friends or with other people.

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8. Eyecon Dialer

Eyecon App

This is basically the all in one app which provides the awesome feature of providing the call logs in the best way for the phone management. You can easily compare here with your managing purpose by the pictures and of reading instead which is best for every user.

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9. True Phone Dialer Pro

True Phone Dialer

It is the app which brings the simple but extra features of mixed and managing way. You can easily see the duration and time which can be easily minimized and maximized. It provides a simple interface and messaging feature also with information on the number.

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10. Metro Phone Dialer

Metro Phone Dialer

This app is inspired by the Microsoft apps. Also, it provides different types of particular based logs and contacts themes. It comes with the standard way of operations and management and with best-based theme confirmation. It’s one of the last phone dialer apps from our list.