How To Report To FBI About Scam Phone Calls

Sometimes you keep getting fake calls of scammer pretending to FBI offer and ask your personal information and request large amount of money and lot more. In this case you can report scam phone calls to police or to the FBI if the case is serious.

However, you must know FBI never calls you so anyone calling and saying that they are the FBI is a totally scammer phone.You should not give any personal information to any of these calls and you should make a habit of ignoring these scam phone calls.

Reporting Scam Phone Call To FBI

To report scammer phone calls to FBI you’ve to report right away if you receive any scam call on phone. Basically people thinking ” who do i report a scam phone call to” Police or FBI or some other official department.

If you getting scam calls that making abuse then report it to the police and if you’re getting calls saying we’re FBI and want to your financial information or demand money for any purpose then report it to the FBI via FBI help chat. Reporting possible identity theft is necessary

How To Report A Scam Phone Call To FBI

Step  1 : 

Go to FBI official website 

Step 2 : 

Click on  “I Accept”.

Step 3 : 

Fill out the complete details about your and scam it to FBI for their review.

Step 4 : 

Confirm your not robot and then Click on Submit Complaint

Now after submitting your complaint FBI will contact your within few hours after reviewing your complain. They may ask you some question regarding the scammer who call you because you’re the Victim. Answer correctly which help FBI to find the scammer.