How to Repair Apple Watch – Step by Step Guide

Searching for how to repair apple watch with iPhone. If you want, then you can repair your apple watch. For that, you need to follow some required steps. They are given here on this page. If you find that your connection lost with the other Apple device, then you can quickly repair it.

As your apple watch takes the data of your iPhone can display the information in it. You have to sign in with your Apple ID there, and then you have to do the required settlement in your watch. All the info like email and contacts of your iPhone can be transferred to your watch.

How to Re-Pair Apple Watch

Here are the various steps explained about the repairing of the watch with the iPhone device:-

Step 1

Firstly, you have to update your phone. For that, you need to search for the latest version which you can get on your device. You can go for it in the general section and then can perform the need.

Step 2

Now you have to enable the settings of Bluetooth on your iPhone device. After that, it connects to your apple watch with the help of this Bluetooth connection. It is also essential to have an internet connection on your iPhone.

Step 3

Switch on the apple watch service on your iPhone device. You can easily find this on your device with the latest version of updated iOS.

Step 4

Hold for a few moments the power button on your iPhone device. After that boot,
it loads the next process of the setup of the watch. For that, you can hold the touch screen for the selection of the language.

Step 5

Click on the start pairing option shown on the watch and along with that on your iPhone. A pattern occurs there on both the screens and the camera open on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 6

You have to place the camera at the pattern of your apple watch screen. Select the exact position for it. Pairing option occurs there. You have to enter the code required in it on the displayed form.

Step 7

Click on the setup option of a new watch on your iPhone device. It allows you to set up the apple watch and can also restore the old form from it.

Step 8

Now you have to select the wrist on which you are wearing the watch. It takes the required sensors for it. Go to the left or right option and select them on your iPhone device.

Step 9

After that, log in with the ID of your apple on your iPhone device. The features must get access, which enables you to connect. You have to sign in with the same iPhone ID there.

Step 10

Now make a passcode for your apple watch.

Step 11

You have to install the apps that connected with the iPhone.

Step 12

Give some moments to sync the requirements on your iPhone.

Wrapping Up!

By following all these steps you can easily repair apple watch with the iPhone without hassle. Moreover, if you face any issues regarding reconnecting apple watch to iPhone. Feel free to contact us.

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