How to Remove Watermark in Word : Complete Steps

So, you can remove the watermark in the Word file. Well, when you work or use the word for some documentation purpose which you may have to send further or just print it out and where the most irritating thing is the watermark, as it is like really tough to remove and makes it difficult for the viewer or reader of the document to take upon it.

If you have also faced this thing as a problem and find removing or getting rid of a watermark then you must know that there is one and the only way to get rid of it.

How To Remove Watermark In Word

So, If you have ever opened a document to edit and decided you didn’t need that watermark anymore which is literally catching your eyes, distracting you, and at the same time wasting your time, then probably you did a pretty logical thing.

That is, you went to the design tab or the page layout tab specific to the versions you use. Further clicked on the watermark button and chose to remove the watermark.

And if you thought that this one was so easy then when you will click on the remove watermark and when nothing will happen you will know on your own.

So you will try it again and again and again and then you will know that nothing is really gonna happen with this thing and then you start saying very bad words to the computer.  

Now this a very sure thing that the document that will be irritating you will be either a WordPerfect document or one which has been copied from WordPerfect, and word and WordPerfect treat watermarks very differently.

Things To Know Before Removing Watermark In MS Word File

So when you move formatted text from one program to the other, you can get some pretty infuriating results.

What you have on your hands is not actually a watermark but rather a textbox embedded in the header. That is the reason why it doesn’t respond to you when you click on the remove watermark option on your computer because practically what is on your document is not even a watermark.

But fortunately, it is possible to get rid of it. Before you move directly to ridding yourself from the text box aka watermark, you must get alerted with another common word perfect to word thing which can cause you to repeat this operation multiple times. Word-perfect documents that have multiple headers and footers in them tend to come into word with section breaks embedded, and lots of them.

Step By Step Guide To Remove Watermark In Word File

Your first task is to identify any unnecessary section breaks and remove them. If you right-click down there and pimp out your status bar, you’ll be able to see as you scroll through the documents that the section number change as you keep scrolling.

That is the first clue that you have a bunch of section breaks hiding in there.

Step 1:

To get rid of all the section breaks at once, click ‘CTRL+H’ that will bring up the find and replace dialogue box, click on the more button and make sure your cursor is in the ‘find what’ field.

Step 2:

Then tap on the special button and choose the section break and not the section character. Click on replace all.  Then tap on the close button.

Step 3:

Coming to the main event, double-tap into the header portion of the document. Depending on how the text box is anchored you may or may not be able to grab it directly with the mouse.

To do the task at once, use ‘CTRL+A’ to select everything in the header. Then hit the ‘DELETE’ key. Then close the header and footer.

And you’re done, the persistent watermark is now removed.

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