How To Remove Shortcut Virus In Windows 10

What is the Shortcut virus? It’s a type of virus that created a duplicate shortcut of programs in the same folder. Accidentally when you open it the virus starts its attack or a virus threat start processing it will affect your system files.

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How To Remove Shortcut Virus Files From Windows 10

There is a way to get rid of shortcut virus files which automatically created into your computer system. Basically, there are two ways to remove shortcut viruses in Windows 10 through the command line or manually.

Delete Shortcut Virus Without  Shortcut Virus Remover

Without shortcut virus remover software you can easily remove duplicate shortcut files from the flash drive along with files and folders.

Follow the step-by-step guides to know the complete process of removing virus files through the task manager.

Step 1:

Open Task Manager in a desktop screen by press (“Crtl+Alt+Delete”) buttons. Go to the “Processes” tab.

task manager windows

Step 2:

Search for the process exe or any other such processes with difficulty to read and select the process and hit End Task button.

Step 3:

Now open by press (Windows + R) buttons and type  ‘regedit’ and hit Enter button.


Step 4:

After opening the registry editor you’ve to navigate to the following keys ( shown in the given screenshot).

“HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software >Microsoft > Windows >CurrentVersion >Run”

Step 5:

Search for the registry key “foetsasddf.exe” and right-click then select. You may not find the exact same key but search for some other junk values. After that restart, your PC that it.

Get Rid of Shortcut Virus By Command Line In Windows 10

You can also get shortcut virus remover software from google but you’ve to pay for it. However, there is a way form which you can remove duplicate shortcuts from files and folders in just one second. Yes by using a command prompt.

Step 1:

First of all, Open the command prompt from the start menu. Search “cmd” in the search box and hit the Enter button.

command line in windows 10

Step 2:

Now in command prompt. Enter the name of the drive which you want to remove the shortcut virus.

shortcut virus remover

Step 3:

It’s a final step, Enter the following command line in the command prompt.

“attrib M:*.* /d /s -h -r -s” or attrib-h-r-s/s/d M:\*.*”        ( Where “M” is the drive)