How To Remove MegaBackup From Macbook

Mega Backup is the iCloud backup application which protects your computer data from the hackers. To know complete details about network security and how you can protect your computer from hackers.

So, Mega Backup works as generating the backup of your computer data on secure iCloud storage but sometimes Mega Backup comes up with a warning about the virus with a program or does not allow you to install any program with low network security.

You have to uninstall the mega backup application from your Mac system to install a new application or for some other reason.

Uninstall Mega-Backup From Mac 

Step 1:

First of all stop the Mega-Backup in your Mac system

Step 2:

Now open your Mac application folder

Step 3:

Locate the Mega Backup icon and delete it

Step 4 :

In the deleting process, you may ask username and password for security reasons

After removing the mega backup icon into the trash from your Mac system. Now to permanently delete the mega backup from your Macbook empty the trash.

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