How To Remove Hyperlink In Excel

So, how you can remove Hyperlink in Excel? We use hyperlinks in excel sheets when we want to refer to a web page or a file that is stored on the web server or pages.

We are here to talk about how to remove hyperlink in excel. Most of the time the hyperlinks are added to excel sheets automatically.  

But when it comes to deleting the hyperlinks from excel it becomes a difficult part for most people.

The situation is difficult because sometimes we need the plain text of the hyperlink but don’t want it to be used as a hyperlink. That is why it is not that easy to remove hyperlinks in excel

Remove Or Turn Off Hyperlinks Are Two Different Things

As we have mentioned above removing or turning off hyperlinks are the two different things that we have in front of us. Sometimes we want to remove a hyperlink and sometimes we want to turn it off permanently.

So these different situations need different procedures and different kinds of methods are used to do so. Below we are going to tell you all about hyperlinks and how to use them and delete them in Microsoft Excel. 

Permanently Remove Hyperlink In Excel

If you want to remove the hyperlink along with the text that is used in your excel sheet, then it is very simple for you. You just have to follow the deletion process of the cells. You just have to select the cells of any column or row which includes the hyperlinks in it.

After selecting all of the cells you just have to click the delete option in an excel sheet which will remove all the hyperlinks in your sheet, and also it will remove all the alternate text used for the hyperlinks. 

Remove Hyperlinks But Keep The Plain Text

Another way to remove hyperlinks in excel is to keep the plain text but remove the hyperlink. In this easy method, your hyperlinks will be removed but the plain text will be there for us.

Follow the following steps if you want to convert hyperlinks into plain text. 

Steps : 

  1. Select the number of cells that contain hyperlinks. 

2. You can select all the cells also. If hyperlink cells are between two plain texts.

3. This method will not affect the plain text of your excel sheet. 

4. After selecting all the cells, Right-click on the sheet.

5. Now in options, look for the Remove hyperlink option. 

6. It will convert all hyperlinks into plain text. 

Remove hyperlink In Excel With Paste Special Method : 

This method is also very easy to use. By this method, we are going to multiply the value of hyperlinks with the number 1, which will simply convert the hyperlink into plain text.

For this method you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps : 

Steps : 

1. Go to an empty cell in the sheet

2. Type 1 in that cell. 

3. Press Ctrl + C to copy the value of the cell. 

4. Now go to the hyperlink cells. 

5. Select all the cells with hyperlinks. 

6. After selecting the hyperlinks right-click on them. 

7. Now find the option Paste Special Under Paste

9. Here A drop-down menu will be opened. 

9. Now click on Multiply Radio Button and click

10. Done. All the hyperlinks will be converted to plain text. 

Well, this is an article based on the step-by-step guide on remove hyperlink in Excel. These are some methods that we mentioned above. You can easily use one of these methods to remove the hyperlink in MS Excel without having a hassle.

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