How To Remove Evernote Reminders

Evernote is one of the best places to share your views and useful information via writing a note. There are lots of features in Evernote which allow its users to easily access the top notes and perform some other activities.

First, I will tell what is Evernote reminder and what it does. 

reminders note

Evernote Reminder is the feature that allows its users to add alerts inside your Evernote account and via email address. Reminder features currently available including Mac, Android, iOS, The Web, and Windows Phone devices.

So from the above video you know-how, you can use Evernote reminders properly, but in this article, you come to know how you can disable Evernote reminders.

Disable Evernote Reminder?

According to my research, it was impossible to remove reminders on your EverNote account because Evernote did not allow it but there is a way from which you can get rid of reminders without any bug.

I asked Evernote how to remove the reminder and in the replay, you can’t disable the reminder label from on the top of notes.

There a way from which you can 100% hide EverNote reminder but you can remove it keep reading, to know how you can hide Evernote reminder………

There is a way to hide the reminder completely. I use the full Vertical Note View also called Left Side View (Ctrl+Shift+F5). It gives me more visibility and has the added bonus is that I never have to look at reminders.

How To Switch Evernote Account To Vertical Note View 

You can easily change your Evernote view to vertical note view or left side view by pressing some keyboard shortcuts from your computer keyboard. The keyboard shortcut to switch to Vertical Note view

  • The standard List View (Ctrl + F5)
  • The Vertical List View (Ctrl + Shift + F5)


I hope this article will help you to get rid of reminders from your Evernote account. It was impossible to remove reminders from EverNote and it was conforming by Evernote officially. You can only hide the reminder label by switching to the vertical list view.