How to Remove Entry from Windows Boot Manager

Sometimes you installed two Windows Boot Manager in your computer operating system accidentally in the process of boot-up of Windows from a disc or flash drive.

What is Windows Boot Manager? 

In a simple world, Windows Boot Manager is the software called Boot Manager is executes winload.exe of the computer system loader used to continue the Windows boot process.

Now come to the point, How you can easily remove one Windows boot manager from your computer? Yes, it was possible to remove or disable the boot manager from your computer.

How To Remove Entry from Windows Boot Manager

Follow the step-by-step guides to remove the boot manager from Windows.

Step 1:

Go to the Start Menu, type “msconfig” and hit the enter button

Step 2:

The System Configuration Tab was pop-up.

Step 3:

In it Go to the Boot tab, select the entry you want to remove and delete it

Step 4:

Hit the OK button to save the complete process.

This is the end of how to remove entry from Windows Boot Manager on Windows for more similar guides do check our Windows guide section.