How To Recover Outlook Account In Two Methods


Recover Outlook Mail

Sometimes you’ve forgotten the password of some important things. Recently I published an article in which I demonstrate How To Recover Gmail Account in case if you’ve forgotten your password or email address.

Microsoft also owns an email service called Outlook and if you’ve your account in it that great. But sometimes you can’t able to login into your account due to the wrong password or email address or some other things such as severe problem.

A few days ago, one of these blog readers asked ‘I can’t Sign in to my outlook account’. As I said this is due to two things wrong password and email address. But you can easily recover your Outlook account in a few steps with the help of your Microsoft Account.

Recovering Outlook Account Via Microsoft Account

In this article, you see how you can easily unlock your outlook account. In few steps, you don’t go believe I’ve also forgotten my Outlook email address and I can’t able to access my Outlook account for a long time. I’ve also followed these steps by step guides to recover my account.

Step 1 : 

Visit Outlook Mail through a web browser.

Step 2 : 

Click on Forget Password. Shown in given (screenshot).

Forget Outlook Account Password

Step 3 : 

Now you’ve to select one of the three given options for password recovery in Outlook Mail. The three given option is “I Forget My Password”, “I Know My Password, But I Can’t Sign In” and the last “I Think Someone Else is Using My Account”.

So to recover your outlook mail password you’ve to select the first option. But if you think your entering right Email Address and Password but can’t able to Sign In then select second option and the last one for if you think someone else using your outlook account then select the third option. We select First to recover a password.

Recover Outlook Account Password

Step 4 : 

So to recover your Outlook Account password Outlook Mail required a Microsoft Account email address or Phone Number that have you register when you’ve to Sign Up as a new member on Outlook Mail.

After entering your Email or Phone number you’ve to enter the given character shows to you in the given box or you can also select the Audio confirmation option. After that click on the Next button.

how to retrieve outlook password

Step 5 : 

In the next window, you see there are two options first was Recovery Email Address and the second was “I don’t have any of these”. So basically the first option appears on your screen if you’ve registered the recovery email address to your Outlook Account.

Recovery Email Address is the secondary email address that was registered in case if your account was blocked due to some circumstances. This Email Address helps you to unlock your Outlook Account. To unlock your Outlook Account select the first option on the screen and enter the email address.

But, if you don’t register Recovery Email Address then you’ve to go to the second option. Click on the Next button.

recover outlook password

Step 6 : 

In the next window Enter the different email address that you use for some other purposes and hit Enter button. In 24 hours Outlook Mail supporting team contact you.

Recover Outlook Password Using Mail PassView

However, you can also recover your Outlook Mail account using Mail PassView.  In simple words, Mail PassView gives you the information store in your Outlook Account including your password. If you previously signed in to your account using your computer then this internet tool helps you.

Step 1 : 

Run Mail PassView on your computer.

Step 2 : 

The tool will scan all email logins that recently made by you across all mail clients. The tool will show you some Email Addresses, Passwords, and some other Outlook Account related information.

Recover Password Via Customer Support

You can also approach the outlook customer support service to recover your password without having a hassle. There are multiple ways to contact the outlook customer service you can send them an email or goes to the live chat and also use the customer phone number.

We recommend you to use the Email or the Live Chat options because these some of the fastest ways to get a response from the customer representative.

Email Support

Compose a new email from any other email service like Gmail or Yahoo mail. After this write your issue that you’ve lost your Outlook account password and wanted to recover it. Ask them to help you to recover your account with process guides.

After sending the email to the customer support you get the response with few hours with proper guidness to recover your outlook account and you can also go extra help with the email support to the customer representative.

Live Chat – 

Using Live chat is one of the fastest ways to resolve your issue with the help of customer support services. Use this link Microsoft Contact Support to asked questions with the representative in the live chat and get the solution within few minutes.

Hopefully, you find this short knowledgeable guide helpful to know some of the methods to recover your Outlook Account password without having a tech expert. In case if you’ve any question regarding this article feel free to contact using the comment box.