How to Customize Folder icon in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 was one of the coolest windows OS released by the company but until now Windows 7 and Windows 8 running well on computers. But when you’ve upgraded your personal computer to Windows 10 then there is some function you can’t understand.

One of the features was customizing folder icons. You can easily change the icon of any folder in Windows 10. It was a way too easily swap the default icon of the folder with any other icon of your choice.

Changing Folder Icon In Windows 10

Read given below steps by steps guides to know how you can change folders icon easily.

Step 1 : 

Select any folder from the desktop, local drive.

Step 2 : 

Right, Click on the folder and select Properties. 

Folder Properties  

Step 3 : 

In Folder, Properties goes under Customize. Scroll down to Change Icon.

Change Icon of Folder

Step 4 : 

Now all you’ve to do is navigate the location having the icon files and select the icon you want to see in the folder

How to change icon of folder in windows