How To Recover Minecraft Account

How Do I Recover My Minecraft Account Email Address and Password

So from reading the above title, you’ve understood in this article we show how to restore Minecraft account email address and password in case you lost your password.

If you would like to change your Minecraft account email address or password you can also use these given below guides.

How To Recover Minecraft Account Guides

Step 1 :

So to reset your Minecraft Account password go to ( ).

Step 2 :

Click on “Forget Your Password”.

Step 3 :

Enter your user account email address and username. Click on “Request password reset”.

Step 4 :

Then they will send you a link on your email address for resetting your Minecraft account password. Go to your email account and login with email address and password and check new emails and open it. Click on the link from the email account.

Step 5 :

Enter the new secure password, then confirm it.

Step 6 :

Now you can easily log on into your Minecraft account with a new password and email address.

Tip :

If you do not know your email address of your account or if you’re not receiving the email for resetting the password. You can submit your issue on Minecraft customer care from this official webpage of Minecraft.