Recover Deleted Bookmarks From Chrome (Mac & Windows)

I’ve accidentally deleted some important bookmarks from my chrome browser. Now you probably searching for a proper way to restore bookmarks using a trick or software. But you know Google Chrome allows its users to recover deleted bookmarks easily at a limited time period. Not everybody wants to delete bookmarks from their web browser it’s just an accident when you’ve deleted the bookmarks folder without opening it.

It’s always happened to everybody it’s not a big deal to use the below given step-by-step instructions to recover deleted bookmarks. Here I will demonstrate to you how to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks on the google chrome web browser on the Mac OS X and the Windows system.

Recover Deleted Bookmarks Chrome on Mac

It was not much hard to recover deleted bookmarks on the mac system you can easily recover them through recovering software. Basically, there are two ways to recover the deleted bookmarks from the google chrome browser.

  • Recover Deleted Bookmarks Manually
  • Recover Deleted Bookmarks Using Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Bookmarks From Google Chrome In Mac OS | [ Manually ]

Firstly, you can make a quick glance at this manual process to recover deleted bookmarks from a chrome web browser on your Mac OS device. Just follow the below-given step-by-step guides to restore deleted bookmarks of chrome manually without having a hassle.

Step 1 : 

Open the  Finder and then Go to Macintosh HD. 

Step 2 : 

Now Click on Users then go to the Username.

Step 3 : 

Then navigate to  username > library > application support > Google > Chrome

restore bookmarks from chrome on mac

Step 4 : 

You will see two files  1) Bookmarks and 2) Bookmarks.bak.

Step 5 : 

Now you’ve to Copy the bookmarks and Rename it and then save Bookmarks to another location such as the desktop. Once you’ll be done go back to the original bookmark file and delete it.

Step 6 : 

In the next step, rename Bookmarks.bak to just ”Bookmarks” (leave bak extension)

Now only you’ve to do just close the Finder and restart Google Chrome wait for some seconds and you will see all deleted bookmarks successfully recovered.

Recover Deleted Bookmarks From Google Chrome | [Recovery Software]

In case if you can’t able to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks from a chrome web browser using a manual process. You can also go for any best recovery software for mac. There are different steps for different recovery tools.

So we don’t guide you in any steps for recovery tools for mac. You can easily download any suitable software and follow on-screen guides to recover the deleted bookmarks.

Recover Deleted Bookmarks Chrome on Windows

Google chrome has the same interface as Windows on the Mac. Generally there nothing changes just some features may change according to the operating system requirements. If you’re using the Windows system and accidentally deleted saved bookmarks of chrome from Windows 10 or any other Windows edition you can easily restore deleted bookmarks by just following the below guides.

Same as Mac OS there are also two methods to restore bookmarks from chrome in Windows —

  • Restore bookmarks from chrome in Windows via Manual Process
  • Restore bookmarks from chrome in Windows via Recovery Software

Restore Deleted Bookmarks From Chrome In Windows | [Manually]

In Windows, Google Chrome doesn’t have a bookmarks manager like other web browsers with Undo option. In case, if you finger accidentally slips on the delete button you could delete the entire bookmarks folder in a few seconds. But if you’ve made a backup of google chrome data using an export option then you can restore the backup. If it’s out of date or updated recently after the delete.

If you recently deleted the chrome bookmarks— Close all the tabs and Windows of the chrome browser. Most important not Re-open the chrome browser after closing it. If you’ve already closed the chrome then leave it closed.

Because Google chrome will save a single backup file of bookmarks and overwrite it on relaunching of the chrome application. if you re-open the chrome after deleting bookmarks all saved bookmarks will be gone. So don’t the chrome until you follow these below-given step-by-step guides below to recover the deleted bookmarks.

To retrieve deleted bookmarks from google chrome by going through a simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Open Windows Explorer from Start Menu and this following command line in the search bar (As shown in the given screenshot).

Note: Replace the “NAME” with your Windows user account.

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Step 2:

In this step, you will see two bookmarks files: Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak

Note: If you don’t see Bookmarks.bak file extension in your Windows System. For this, you’ve to enable the hide extension for known files types

In File Explorer navigate to these commands and uncheck the box.

File > Change Folder and Search Options > View

retrieve bookmarks in chrome

Step 3:

To recover the backup follow these steps –

  1. Rename the bookmarks file to something else like bookmarks.old that will make a copy of the current bookmarks.
  2. Rename the “Bookmarks.bak” file to “Bookmarks” (removing the bak. extension). This makes Chrome load the backup file when you lunch the chrome browser again.
  3. Lunch the Chrome application and see if you manage to recover bookmarks.

Warping Up!

Hopefully, this article helps you out to restore the deleted bookmarks from google chrome on your computer system. In case, if you can’t able to restore the deleted bookmarks of the chrome browser it means the backup file was saved recently then the bookmarks went missing.

If you’ve created the backup of your PC, Then that’s your last shot to recover deleted bookmarks from the chrome browser by restoring the backup of your system.