How to Disable Videos Auto Playing on Safari

Reading the title of the article, you’ve probably thinking how to stop video auto-playing on Facebook and some other platforms. Because when you visit web page or website if there is any video it automatically starts playing. Which reduces the web page loading speed.

In Safari web browser, you can easily enable and disable video auto-play feature according the the usage. Here I will show you how to turn off video auto-play on the safari browser in simple steps by steps guides.

Disabling Videos Auto-Play on Safari

Everybody hates that has auto-play video because you don’t know when your network speeds go down due to video buffering. Every web browser has a video control panel from which users can control videos playing.

To get rid of videos auto-playing mode on Safari browser all you’ve to do is disable the video auto-play feature.

Step  1 : 

Open Safari and Go to the ”Preferences”.

Step 2 : 

Open the Advanced tab and set “Stop plug-ins to save power”.

Step 3 : 

Go to the Security tab, set ”Allow Plug-ins” and then its website settings 

Step 4 : 

Find out the media type that you want to stop videos auto-play. Most of the non-flash videos will be played by ”QuickTime”.

Step 5 : 

Set “When visiting other websites” to Ask to click to Start, or Block for permanent disabling.

Step 6 : 

Click on Done and restart the Safari web browser.

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